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Perkasie, PA-Curly Levy and Courtney Steiner planned all of the prom outfits. Curly wears a navy blue dress and Courtney wears a pink dress. And they got each other a corsage of wrists and put together their costumes.

“I had her flowers match my pink gown, and she also got me a flower that matched her navy blue gown,” Courtney said.

The two seniors in Pennsylvania have been dating for several months, and there was no doubt that they would go to the prom together. The only question was whether they would be the first homosexual couple at Penridge High School, named the Queen of Proms.

“I think it started with our friend Delaney,” Courtney said. “She came to me and was like,’Can I name you and Curly as the Queen of Proms?’ I was like,’Yeah, why!'”

As the students began to spread the word, the couple found themselves on ballots. It was changed to be more comprehensive after a friend brought it out.

“She pushed to change the term from prom kings and queens to prom royalty,” Courtney said.

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Curly was even surprised to be on the ballot.

“I wasn’t sure if Penridge would allow it, because this area and this county could be a little further away from allowing it, but when I knew it, I was very I was excited. “

She was even more excited when it was announced last Friday that her two seniors had won the title of Prom Queen.

“Everyone started screaming,” Courtney said.

“I couldn’t believe I won,” Curly said.

Courtney’s mom, Diane Steiner, couldn’t believe it when the two called her from the prom and gave her good news.

“I just kept saying’holy junk!’,” Steiner recalled.

“At the prom, we found that we got the most votes by far,” Curly said.

Their victory is the first time a homosexual couple has won at Pennridge High School, and perhaps for the Queen of Proms throughout Pennsylvania.

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WPVI-TV has contacted the domestic office of GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). I’ve never heard of a homosexual couple named Prom Queens, Pennsylvania. GLAAD could also only point out some cases across the country where homosexual couples were named the royal family of proms.

“This is an amazing story of LGBTQ youth support and inclusion, especially when so many people are targeted across the country,” said Barbara Simon, head of news and campaigns at GLAAD. Said in the email.

“I think it’s affecting not only us, but our community,” Courtney said.

The 18-year-olds are particularly happy to win Pride Month. They have already heard from people who say that seeing them made a difference to them.

“(My sister) came and said,” Your sister and her girlfriend made my gay kid feel safe and inspired the prom. ” Curly said.

Courtney and Curly thank their classmates for voting. Curly and Courtney are still riding the best called the Queen of Proms as they look forward to graduating next week.

“It gives me hope for so many students,” Curly said. “Students who are not your typical prom king and queen.”

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A tale of two prom queens: Same-sex couple from Pennridge High School makes history in Pennsylvania Source link A tale of two prom queens: Same-sex couple from Pennridge High School makes history in Pennsylvania

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