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Germantown, Tennessee — Like most 5-year-old boys, Amogh Banagere likes baseball, books, and Lego, but he also read at the fifth grade level and entered the largest and oldest with an IQ of 148. It’s just. High IQ society in the world.

Last week his parents received news from American Mensa The rising first graders were now part of the elite club.

“We thought it was really great,” said his mom, Swati Jayans. “We didn’t know anything about high IQ societies. We did some research. I thought I needed 130, but his score is 148. So he did it. Apply and see if you can get it. You’ve got approval within two days and it’s been over a month. ”

Mensa does not test children under the age of 14, but accepts about 150 tests conducted by school test facilities or private psychologists.

A teacher at Dogwood Elementary School in Germantown, just outside Memphis, recommended that Amog be tested for a talented program.

Jayans and her husband, Pradeep Vanezia, knew there was something special about their son. They said they couldn’t identify the letters of the alphabet in order at the age of two, started reading words, and by the age of four they were reading a book with chapters.

“When he was four, he assembled a seven-year-old Lego set, and then I slowly started increasing it. I had a ten-year-old Lego see his way.” Jayanth said. “Whenever he feels he’s doing something different, he provides him with other resources such as Lego, electronics, books, etc. He can solve 9×9 Sudoku puzzles.”

They also said their son had great hand-eye coordination and was excellent in several sports, including baseball, basketball, soccer and tennis.

“Anyway, he’s still a five-year-old kid,” said Vanezia. “He’s ridiculous, sometimes grumpy. He’s like a normal five-year-old kid, and I think that’s one of the reasons we were reluctant to his intellectual abilities. He He’s very focused on certain things. He’s just a versatile player, but he’s still a five-year-old kid. “

Mensa is a non-profit organization for people who score above the 98th percentile on standardized monitored IQ or other approved intelligence tests.

Mensa says it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact number because the number of young Mensa changes daily, but less than 100 of the approximately 50,000 members are under the age of five. I am.

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“One of the things we really like about this is that he can meet people with similar ideas. He has children with similar ideas, and even more. You will be able to meet and interact with adults, which is what we were looking for, “his mom said.

Mensa said it is trying to connect wise people for intellectual and social purposes and is a place where members of all ages fit together.

A Tennessee 5-year-old with genius IQ is latest member of Mensa Source link A Tennessee 5-year-old with genius IQ is latest member of Mensa

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