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ST. Petersburg, Florida — Who says dogs and cats can’t be friends? A little kitten is regaining sight and is grateful to have a dog.

A one-month-old kitten has come a long way since being brought to St. Petersburg’s Friends of Strays Animal Shelter with a corneal ulcer.

“She had almost a hole in the outside of her eyes,” explained Katie Emerson, medical director at Friends of Strays. According to Emerson, this condition is common in cats, but the cases of Bridget are so severe that they lose their eyes if left untreated.

“When we first got her, her entire eyes were cloudy, so when we first got her, she had no eyesight in her eyes,” she said. Added.

The Friends of Strays veterinary team knew that they needed to act quickly. They said that using the blood of another animal to make serum is the best treatment.

There came the 5-year-old dog Blanche, who was staying in the shelter.

Strays friends

“Not all dogs are willing to participate in this process, so I decided to see if she was willing to donate blood, but she was very generous and very calm. She was a lot. I got love and a treat, “Emerson said.

According to Emerson, blood can be taken from different types of animals of all blood types to make serum, but not all animals are collaborative donors.

“Blanche was awesome. She’s just the sweetest dog,” she added.

Bridget Kitty’s foster mother applied serum in the form of eye drops every two hours for several weeks with antibiotic eye drops … and it worked!

Brigitte Kitty


“She may have a small scar on her cornea, so you may always be able to say that she experienced this, but she will be able to keep her eyes and look good.” Emerson explained.

Only a few days after the dog’s blood donation Blanche, she was adopted.

Bridget then regains sight, and she and her brothers (two brothers named Digit and Fidget) will be adopted within about a month.

These are two happy stories worth shaking the tail.

“Blanche really saved Brigitte’s eyes. I don’t think they’ve ever met (because Brigitte lived in a foster parent). They never meet and never become real friends. That’s a really cool story, “Emerson added with a smile.

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A tiny St. Pete kitty has a dog to thank for saving her eyesight Source link A tiny St. Pete kitty has a dog to thank for saving her eyesight

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