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A tour inside a CCSD elementary school ahead of in-person learning in Las Vegas | Education – Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas (FOX5)-Kindergarten to 3rd grade students will return to campus on March 1st. Prior to returning to Japan, FOX5 toured the interior of the classroom at Goolsby Elementary School.

What to expect

As you step into the classroom, you’ll notice that all desks are at least 6 feet apart. The maximum number of students allowed in the classroom is 12, but in most classes it is less.

In one classroom, a sophomore teacher added a dot to the ground. Students can stand on their own and stretch their legs while practicing social distance.

“I’m very excited. I can’t really express my enthusiasm,” said first-year teacher Jennifer Schenckberger. “We have become teachers with our children, as most of us can probably prove.”

This week is Schenckberger, who returned to campus for the first time since September 2020. She said juggling a mix of face-to-face and virtual students would be a bigger challenge.

“Three mini classes”

“I thought it was to teach three mini-classes. There’s a camera. There’s also livestream time for kids to experience the whole group. There’s a cart with a Chromebook. On top of that. You can chase us. If you want to take my little livestreaming kids around the classroom, I can. “

All students you meet in person also use the Chromebook, so everyone learns together.

Some classrooms have plexiglass barriers installed to protect students and teachers.

At Goolsby, about 95% of teachers are back in face-to-face learning. The principal said there was an effort to keep the students with the same teacher.

“There was an easier way to do this. As a compliment to the teachers, I think they didn’t do it,” said Danny Eichenberger, Principal of Goolsby. “They have adopted a method that allows them to spend the most time with their children and certain classes.”

CCSD’s superintendent, Jesus Jara, said success in the first few weeks meant that the coronavirus mitigation strategies they implemented would actually work.

“Minimize infections in our schools. This is what we see across the country … School infections are lower than in counties and cities,” says Jara.

What is your cohort?

Students are divided into three cohorts. Cohorts A and B are in the classroom two days a week for the remaining three days of virtual learning. Cohort 3 is strictly virtualized.

Breaks are allowed, but the playground and drinking fountain are covered with caution tape.

Schools in Clark County School District Closed March 16, 2020 Following the mitigation efforts outlined by Nevada Governor Steve Sisorak. Since then, the hybrid teaching model has been continuously discussed with the CCSD board, superintendents, and local governments.

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