A U.S. intelligence officer traveling with the CIA Director of India reported symptoms of “Havana Syndrome”

Washington — An intelligence officer traveling with CIA Director William Burns in India this month said:Havana Syndrome“The two people familiar with the matter sought urgent medical care. It was the second case that a senior U.S. official was known to have occurred while traveling abroad, and this year alone dozens of new cases. The incident was reported.

Last month, Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip to Vietnam was temporary delay Her delegation was after at least one American employee in Hanoi was said to be suffering from neurological disorder-related symptoms that first appeared a few years ago among American employees in Cuba.

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CIA Director William Burns spoke at the Senate Election Committee on Intelligence Hearings at Capitol Hill on April 14, 2021 in Washington, DC.


Symptoms of Havana Syndrome, or “abnormal health accidents,” mentioned by the Biden administration include headache, nausea, and dizziness. Some cases resulted in a diagnosis of traumatic brain injury. To date, more than 200 US officials, including 100 intelligence officers, have reported suspicious cases.

It is unknown whether a sick police officer in India was targeted for a connection with the CIA director. The status of the event is still under investigation. The incident was first reported by CNN.

According to a previous statement released by the Department of National Intelligence (ODNI), US intelligence has not yet decided whether foreign actors should be held liable. However, some U.S. officials suspect that the incident may be the result of attempts by foreign intelligence agencies to target authorities’ electronics using directed-energy technology. ..

Of particular concern, according to current and former officials, suspected cases of illness have not diminished. Proliferating Globally. Some believe that the close proximity of recent incidents to current government officials indicates that perpetrators may be more brave in their target selection.

A CIA spokesperson told CBS News that authorities did not comment on specific incidents or personnel, but established a “protocol for individuals to report possible abnormal health accidents, including receiving appropriate treatment.” Said that.

CIA Nominates New Lead for Havana Syndrome Probe


Under Burns, the agency has tripled the number of medical staff dedicated to health cases. Reactivate task force Responsible for investigating their cause, “providing focus and expertise on this issue, as well as the efforts we seek to find. [Osama] Bin Laden. ”

The intelligence community has also convened a panel of experts, including senior CIA and ODNI staff, and outside scientists and medical professionals to investigate possible causes.

More cases of “Havana Syndrome” were investigated


CIA Deputy Secretary of State David Cohen said last week that authorities have made some progress in identifying the cause of the case, but have not yet made an analytical judgment on what may be behind it. rice field.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin last Wednesday Sent a note We urged all Pentagon employees and contractors to report suspicions of abnormal health episodes. This memo encouraged those experiencing symptoms to leave “immediately” where they first felt.

A U.S. intelligence officer traveling with the CIA Director of India reported symptoms of “Havana Syndrome”

Source link A U.S. intelligence officer traveling with the CIA Director of India reported symptoms of “Havana Syndrome”

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