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A vegan diet shows studies that affect bone health

Vegan food is a trend. How this type of diet affects health is the subject of scientific research. In a new study by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), ultrasound measurements of the calcaneus measured the bone health of 36 vegans and 36 after eating a mixed food. RESULTS: On average, people on a vegan diet had lower ultrasound levels compared to the other groups. This indicates poor bone health.

In this study, scientists also measured blood and urine biomarkers. It aims to identify nutrients that may be associated with diet and bone health. From the 28 parameters of nutritional status and bone metabolism, we were able to identify the 12 biomarkers most strongly associated with bone health (eg, the amino acids lysine and vitamins A and B6). The results indicate that, in most cases, these biomarker combinations were present in low concentrations in vegans. This may be a possible explanation for poor bone health.

Vegan diets are often considered health-conscious. However, our scientific findings show that a vegan diet affects bone health. “

Professor Andreas Hansel, President of BfR

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Nutrition plays an important role in bone health. This was investigated more closely in the BfR cross-sectional “Vegan Diet Risks and Benefits” study. 72 men and women participated in the study. Bone health of all participants was assessed on the calcaneus using ultrasound measurements. Information on age, smoking status, education, obesity index, physical activity, and drinking was also collected.

Using statistical models, BfR was able to identify patterns of 12 biomarkers that play important roles in bone health from 28 nutritional and bone-related parameters from blood or urine. The combination of vitamins A and B6 shows that the amino acids lysine and leucine, omega 3 fatty acids, selenoprotein P, iodine, thyroid stimulating hormone, calcium, magnesium and α-crotoprotein are positively associated with bone health. I did. Conversely, in this pattern, lower concentrations of the hormone FGF23 were observed at higher ultrasound levels.

Taking into account other scientific studies, the results show that vegans are skeletal-related and consume less nutrients found primarily in animal-derived foods. Further research is needed to clarify.


Journal reference:

Menzel, J. , et al. (2021) Vegan Diet and Bone Health-Results of Cross-Section RBVD Studies. Nutrients.

A vegan diet shows studies that affect bone health

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