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“What’s the cat?” Also refrain from the hit of lounge pop singer Tom Jones in the 1960s. One of the cat-themed songs, Wink, The latest theatrical work by Constructivists. The answer to this musical question is simple: many!!

WinkIt’s also the name of the cat that stands out in this dark, entertaining, fun and surreal 70-minute production (without breaks) by Jen Silberman. “I’m just a cat,” Wink replies, but he’s far from that. He talks to the owner’s psychiatrist, who ran out of one of his nine lives after her husband Gregor secretly “disposed” Wink. Sophie misses Wink so much that she still doesn’t know what her husband did.

Director James Lean Gray has gathered four excellent casts to mine all the materials of their value. This ensemble, where you can have an interesting belief in their eccentric role, rises on that occasion when the situation involves swirling downwards. Winks are, after all, cats and hunters. And this hunter wants revenge.

The couple Rebeka Farr (Sophie) and Ekene Ikegwani (Gregor) are in perfect engagement, so she is the ideal stereotype for a homemaker, and he gradually reveals his own fears and secrets. A solid provider. Their unraveling as a couple is terribly fascinating to see. And is Matthew Scale cheerful as their psychiatrist engrossed in Wink and fleshing out his role when transferring a confident expert to an uneasy roommate seeking advice from anyone else? ?? Wink.

And there is that damn cat. Like a wink, Jaime Justrab moves cleanly and stealth like a cat. His quiet and confident voice enhances the gentle look while laser-focusing on his preference for human blood. If there’s something like perfect casting, Jastrub fills the mark and gets a lot of attention.

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Did the cat get your tongue?of Wink, The answer is clear Yes— And many more.

Wink Broadway Theater Center Studio Theater, 158N. It will run on Broadway until November 6th. For more tickets, please call 414-291-7800 or visit the following website:

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