A woman fired for calling police to a Blackbird watcher in Central Park sues her former employer – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-05-27 08:20:34 –

New York — A white woman who was widely accused and fired after a videotape dispute with a black man in Central Park over an unleashed dog last summer filed a lawsuit against her former employer.

Amy Cooper accuses Franklin Templeton of not conducting an investigation before dismissing her for race and gender.

Cooper also said in the proceedings that race was not involved in her call to police. Instead, she said she called for fear of her safety, adding in a proceeding that the company would have agreed with her if she conducted an appropriate investigation.

The proceedings also allege that proper investigation would have been conducted if she had not been a white woman.

Franklin Templeton called Cooper’s claim “unfounded.”

“The situation speaks for itself and we believe the company has responded appropriately,” spokesman Stacy Coleman said in an email statement. CNN“We defend these unfounded claims.”

Cooper was walking an unleashed dog in Central Park last May when a black man birdwatching asked if he would comply with the park’s rules and tie his dog to a string. The conversation quickly escalated and the man began recording Cooper. She called the police and told her she was afraid of her life.

In addition to being fired, Cooper Temporarily faced criminal accusation For falsely reporting an incident.Manhattan District Attorney Withdrew those charges in February..

The video was just one of a series of virus incidents last summer, reporting to police about the colored races in which whites caused severe reactions online. These incidents arose in the racial calculations caused by George Floyd’s death and months of protest against organized racism and police atrocities.

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