A woman in Woodford County rings the bell daily for COVID-19 – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-09-14 13:09:11 –

Woodford County, Kentucky (LEX 18) — Patients ring a bell in Troy’s small Woodford County community on the pouch of Peggy Carter Seal, far from the hospital wall where patients are fighting COVID-19. ..

“I’m a good old Woodford county. I’ve always lived on the southern tip. I grew up in the kingdom of God, Nonsatch, like Troy,” said Peggy Carter Seal.

She began last March and responded to Governor Andy Beshear’s call to ring the church bell every day at 10 am. At that time, she was driving down the road to her church.

“While ringing the bell, you’ll be amazed at how many people ask me to pray. For some reason, it became important that I just couldn’t pray at home,” Carter Seal said. Said.

When the weather got bad, she rang the bell on the balcony, and that’s where it goes. In addition to peace and prayer, the ringing of the bell also helped Peggy. She is a very sociable person, and through this little act she feels less isolated.

“That’s why the pandemic was hit hard because I’m used to what I’m doing all the time. I’m involved in a lot of volunteer and social activities and I’m going home. I thought. Most of the time, I volunteered for the cabin. “

Peggy Carter Seal is proud to be able to provide this service for himself and others, and said he would continue to do so until the incident seemed really diminished. She urges others to be vaccinated and wear a mask, hoping that the bell will end soon, as in these unprecedented times.

“This is just a way for me to stay connected and feel like I’m playing a small role in this pandemic.”

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