A woman suing Arkansas State Police after a short chase ends with the vehicle flipped over on the roof – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-06-10 20:53:59 –

Plaschi County, Ark-A pregnant woman was in the car when she was pulled by a state police car and then hit a central barrier on the highway and turned the roof over. Women and babies are OK now. The incident happened in July 2020.

The crash video is currently being released by a female lawyer as part of a proceeding against Trooper.

Nicole Harper was traveling 84 mph in the 70 mph zone. In her proceedingWhen Rodney Dunn, a trooper in Arkansas, turned on a siren and a light, she showed that she should pull.

The dashcam video shows the harper slowing down, turning on the blinkers, and changing lanes to the right.

After about two minutes, the trooper uses a technique called a “PIT maneuver”. Dan’s car hit behind Harper’s car.

When tapped, Harper’s vehicle turned to the left and Dan’s dashcam video disappeared. The video clip shows Dan looking back and returning to where Harper’s vehicle was completed.

The audio in the video clip indicates that Dan reported that the vehicle had been turned over and sought medical assistance.

Harper’s proceedings state that Dan’s actions “constituted a reckless attempt to engage in acts that create a substantial risk of physical injury.”

When Dan tries to help Harper out of the car, she tells him she’s pregnant. Dan asks her why she didn’t pull while she was still stuck in the car.

“Why didn’t you quit?” Dan can be heard asking.

“I didn’t feel safe,” Harper says from inside the car upside down.

“Well, this is where you’re done. Wife, you’re pulling,” Dan replies.

According to people, Harper was unable to detect the fetal heartbeat in the emergency room on the night of the accident. media I will report. But the next morning, her OB-GYN was able to pick up her heartbeat, and Harper had a girl in February.

Harper has been charged with speeding and has not succumbed to an emergency vehicle.

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