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Maj. Gen. Maurice Rose was described as one of the best Jewish soldiers in US history.

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World War II generals will be recognized in a new statue opposite the State Capitol, state legislators announced Tuesday.

Maj. Gen. Maurice Rose, described by Governor Jared Polis as the highest-ranked Jewish soldier in US history at the time, lived with his family in Denver until his death in March 1945. Rose has become the highest ranked American officer killed in Europe. When he was shot trying to surrender during the war. He was known to lead the Third Armored Division from the front line, rather than a remote headquarters.

Now, 76 years after his death and the end of the war, Rose is commemorated in a newly renamed place. Lincoln Veterans Memorial Park..

“It seems appropriate to start the quest to make him really the last resting place in his hometown, which comforted his parents and family,” Police said at the meeting where the statue was unveiled.

The announcement goes well Bipartisan resolution From Denver Chairman Alec Garnett and Colorado House of Representatives, led by Douglas County Rep. Patrick Neville. Marshall Vogel, who wrote two biographies for Rose, and retired marketing executive Paul Chamon brought the idea of ​​a statue to the legislature.

Marshall Foggle thumbs up on May 17, 2018, in the biography of General Maurice Rose, of the same name in a hospital near Colorado Boulevard.

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“He is the most decorated combat commander in US military history. He was the first to negotiate the surrender of German troops when the Allies landed in Africa. He released Palermo. He was Lommel. Within a year and a half after moving to Africa to fight the fight, he won three silver stars, “Vogel said.

The statue will stand at a height of 18 feet. George RandineDesigned by a prominent sculptor based in Labrand. Vogel and Chamon have raised $ 500,000 to donate to the state, which will be used to make, place and maintain the statues.

Rose is the name of the Rose Medical Center on East 9th Avenue. Hospital CEO Casey Gruber donated $ 10,000 to a fundraiser at a ceremony on Tuesday.

A World War II general will be the subject of a new statue near the Capitol Source link A World War II general will be the subject of a new statue near the Capitol

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