Aaron Rodgers says he doesn’t have ‘COVID-19 toe’ – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-11-24 16:18:54 –

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers responded Wednesday to reports that he was suffering from “COVID toes.”

Rogers seemed to be joking about having a “COVID toe” during the cast Pat McAfee Show Tuesday.

“I felt better in just a few days with no protracted effects other than COVID’s toes,” Rogers said before joking about being injured in “Hokey pokey.”

The Wall Street Journal Later, he published an article titled “Aaron Rodgers isn’t just injured on his toes. He has a toe that is Covid.”

Cleveland Clinic “COVID toes” are described as rashes or lesions in response to COVID-19 infection.

Rogers showed his toes to the media on Wednesday. He said he didn’t have a “COVID toe”. He said he was suffering from a broken bone.

“There are no lesions on the legs,” Rogers told reporters. “This is a classic example of disinformation. It’s amazing because it was once a reputable journalism institution.”

Unvaccinated Rogers was forced to play one game this season after being infected with COVID-19.

Aaron Rodgers says he doesn’t have ‘COVID-19 toe’ Source link Aaron Rodgers says he doesn’t have ‘COVID-19 toe’

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