Aaron Rodgers stinks at the Packers’ surrender. And the conspiracy theory began | NFL

NSThe most important thing in the first game of the NFL season is not to read it too much. This is especially true this year after the league has added additional games to the schedule. There is no guarantee that anything will be involved by the start of the postseason, except for a major injury that occurs on Sunday in early September.Therefore, in New Orleans Saints Win the Green Bay Packers in the first week Almost forgotten by January.

Still, it was a strange game. Last year, one of these two starting quarterbacks was an MVP, while the other played only four games. Still, Aaron Rodgers was on the bench after throwing two intercepts while Jameis Winston was throwing five touchdowns. With 38-3 rampage for saints..

In vacuum, Packers’ losses could be just one of those unstable first week stuff. Statistical anomalies are probably, or perhaps, the perfect example of one defense doing almost everything right and another defending everything wrong. Still, the player isn’t the machine’s unnamed gear, but an external factor.

The famous thing is the disconnection Between the Packers and their star quarterback.. After asking the team to deal with him during the off-season, Greenbay and Rogers reportedly fell into an uneasy ceasefire. Now, in the first game since the drama, Rogers put together one of his worst games as a packer, raising a terrifying 36.8 passer rating.

The reaction was quick. By the time the Packers put Rogers on the bench for Jordan Love, “Jeopardy!” Was a trend on Twitter. In other words, people were wondering if Rogers still had time to rein and grab a bridle at a guest-sponsored game show during the off-season. Others speculated whether his performance was actually a quiet protest.It was Rogers Pull office spaceBy trying to thwart his unloved boss with a little effort?These questions are ridiculous, but Rogers Enough peculiar odd balls Understand why they were raised, even if it was a joke.

In addition, the player tries to force the transaction. The best case you can make against that idea is that if he legally wants a landscape change, Rogers feels that putting his trade value in a tank is counterproductive. That is. If he continues to play this way, the team concludes that he is either wrong or is not doing his best to the packers. With either option, despite Rogers’ great history in the league, the team may not be keen on dealing with him.

It’s a story that Rogers can quickly end with a bounceback performance against the Detroit Lions in the second week. And, as he himself said, the reason behind his performance is probably the most obvious and mediocre option: he wasn’t so good on the day. “We played badly. I played badly. Unfortunately, we didn’t play very well. One game. There are 16 games left,” Rogers said after the match.

But if Rogers could lay eggs on one of the worst teams in the league, the Lions … well, I’ve already listed why the story doesn’t go away.

This week’s quote

“Did you think he was dropping everything?” Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow after a post-match interview with teammate Jammer Chase

Bengals’ decision to use a fifth-place pick in the chase earlier this year exposed them to a lot of criticism.That criticism only increased when Chase had a brutal off-season. He couldn’t catch the ball.. So it’s good for Barrow, who stood up for the rookie after his impressive regular season debut. Chase led the team at 101 yards, with about half of the touchdown catches leading Minnesota Vikings to Cincinnati in 14-7 halftime. Bengals continued to win 27-24 in overtime.

This week’s statistics

2002. That is last time The quarterbacks chosen in the first overall pick won the first start of their career. The record continues as the Jacksonville Jaguars, led by Trevor Lawrence, the No. 1 pick of the year, lost to the Houston Texans 37-21.

Do statistics teach us anything? Well, that has to do with the fact that the team that won the first overall pick was really bad in the previous season. It also means that they need more help than a single star player before they get much better. Oh, here’s another interesting fact. This will be an interesting experience for Lawrence as he has never lost a regular season match in high school or college. So far..

This Week’s MVP

Kyler Murray (1) celebrates with Max Williams, the tight end of the Arizona Cardinals, after a touchdown run. Photo: Christopher Honeywinkel / USA Today Sports

Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals, QB. Murray threw four touchdowns and added another touchdown in a game that picked up 280 yards in the air. In addition, teammate Chandler Jones will be awarded the Defensive Player of the Day with a five-bag performance, three in the first quarter of play. Given all this, I think Arizona won … and you’re right because the Cardinal defeated the Titans 38-13.

This week’s video

Officials are already in the middle of the season. Yes, they decided the play was fumble and touchback and eventually returned the ball to Washington.In their honor, the Los Angeles Chargers did not allow frustration to affect the quality of their play when they defeated Washington, who lost quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. For hip injuries Between 20-16 losses.

Elsewhere in the league

-Did you think the Kansas City Chiefs would actually lose to the Cleveland Browns? Everything we learned about these two teams suggested that Browns wouldn’t maintain a 22-10 half-time lead over the Chiefs. So it went on Sunday as the Chiefs bounced back to win 33-29. The decisive moment in the game was a touchdown pass that only Patrick Mahomes could make. A terribly unsuccessful punt by Browns..

–For many years NFL Fans wondered what could be done if Matt Stafford belonged to a talented team rather than the Detroit Lions. On Sunday, they recorded a nearly perfect quarterback rating of 156.1 with a 34-14 victory in Los Angeles, with the new Los Angeles Rams quarterback tearing the very strong Chicago Bears defense and throwing three touchdowns. I learned that. Based on early evidence, Rams was able to make a deep plan in the postseason.

Matthew Stafford is missing due to Rams debut on Sunday
Matt Stafford will make his Rams debut on Sunday. Photo: Kirby Lee / USA Today Sports

-Zach Wilson would have made a great debut at the New York Jets without one small detail. Or rather six.. Yes, the Carolina Panthers defeated Jets 19-14. However, Wilson threw two touchdowns, although he was injured in one passcut. The main problem was that he was suffering from six not-so-large bags. Sam Darnold, who was in a hurry to throw a touchdown, lost to the previous team only once and was defeated, so quarterback protection was important.

-San Francisco 49ers starter Jimmy Garoppolo groped to start the game. Then Trey Lance came to throw a touchdown to the first play of his career. Jimmy G might be happy with that, but no, Garoppolo is back soon to complete the game. If his career is over now, Reims has a perfect one-on-one completion rate with a total of 5 yards of passes and touchdowns. Lions tried to make a comeback in garbage time, but San Francisco ran out of watches with a 41-33 victory. The 49ers, on the other hand, appear to be trying to find space for both play callers. This can be difficult to balance as the season progresses.

-No one was actually talking about the Philadelphia Eagles heading for Sunday, but by defeating the Atlanta Falcons 32-6, we confirmed that everyone had to. It was the effort of the entire team from Philadelphia. Jalen Hurts threw three touchdown passes to three different receivers, and Kenneth Gainwell was faithful to his name in his own touchdown run.

-Carson Wentz lost his Indianapolis Colts debut, being counted as good news for Philadelphia fans. He threw two touchdowns, but also failed a quarterback sneak attempt, absorbing three sack. Meanwhile, Russell Wilson performed the “Today’s MVP” caliber with a 4 touchdown, 18-23, 254 yard performance in a 28-16 Seattle victory.

-Buffalo Bills All but the AFC East winner during the preseasonBut the Pittsburgh Steelers were here to remind them that the “paper champion” didn’t mean anything. The Steelers lag behind 10-0, but tied the reversal runs together.It was 36NS Such a fourth effort from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who continues to step up under pressure. Pittsburgh won 23-16.

Aaron Rodgers stinks at the Packers’ surrender. And the conspiracy theory began | NFL

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