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Abode Red Rock tenant says complex ignoring concerns – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-10-26 01:42:48 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) —Trouble with apartments is causing some tenants to make a fuss. The tenants we talked to say that Abboard Red Rock is the target of thieves and management isn’t doing much to prevent it.

Some tenants have come to handle the problem on their own.

“It’s free for everyone,” said James, a tenant of Adobe Red Rock. “So I have a gun, my friend has-after all, you are yourself, so they just have to start with a gun.”

“It’s non-stop,” said Mark Smolen, another tenant of the complex. “That’s why every night there is some kind of crime going on there.”

Police reports have kept an eye out for destroyers and thieves, and men are responsible for unsafe access to non-functional garage gates and Abboard Red Rock apartments.

“There are more non-residents here than there are real residents,” James said.

And some videos and images show people chasing the luggage sent to his front door, with some covering his face before stealing his luggage completely.

Another video shows some of the destroyer’s handiwork of stealing car parts from beneath the vehicle.

“I broke the ignition and tried to steal the truck one night, and then the second night I tried to steal the stereo,” Smolen said. “They came back another night, three days in a row, but now they’re so aggressive that they need to get rid of them or stay armed at night to protect their goods. There is. It is insane. “

Both tenants pay nearly $ 2,000 a month for rent. And when asked about the complaint, Abboard Redrock said:

“We will work with the Las Vegas Police Department as much as possible to provide all assistance within our means to provide residents with a great home.”

“Frankly, it costs us a lot and we’re sick of it,” Smolen said. “We are paying a lot of money for this place. We want this place to be well cared for and maintained.”

“Because the inhabitants are our home, they probably do more than just the office to make the place better,” James said. “I want to go home after a long day. I want to feel safe.”

Crime mapping does not show recent incidents, but Las Vegas Metro states that it may take some time to generate the report. Meanwhile, residents want to feel at ease. And the guards or two provide it, but management hasn’t heard it.

“Why don’t we have it at the wide open gate, which invites them to bring what they like throughout Las Vegas? And she told me to compress it. “Smolen said. “That’s the reaction. So what do you say to it?”

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