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Tulsa, Oklahoma — Abortion providers and supporters filed a proceeding on Friday to challenge the ban on abortion in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is one of several states with a trigger law that came into force following the US Supreme Court’s ruling last week to dismiss the Roe v. Wade case.

The proceedings filed in the Oklahoma Supreme Court on Friday aim to withdraw two bans. One passed in 1910 and the other this year, expected to come into effect in August. Planned Parenthood Hood Great Plan and local defenders of abortion have asked the court to issue an emergency order to block the ban while waiting for further proceedings.

Emily Wales, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Great Plains, issued the following statement in time for Friday’s submission:

“Today we are challenging the overlapping and contradictory bans on abortion care, one ban that came into effect when William Howard Taft was president and was invalidated before Richard Nixon resigned. Includes. Oklahoma deserves access to abortion here, consistent with modern history and modern medicine. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American Medical Association, and all reliable medical care. Today’s standard treatments defined by the agency include abortion services. The government withdrew from the business of blocking care 49 years ago. The Supreme Court of Oklahoma ignored the Supreme Court of the United States. I hope you acknowledge what you think you have decided to do.

Attorney General of Oklahoma, John O’Connor, has enacted the state’s abortion law following a change in federal law, and in most cases outlawed abortion. Senate Bill 612, which goes into effect in August, does not consider cases of rape or incest.

“Currently, the Oklahoma Supreme Court is pending several proceedings seeking to restore access to abortion, and the courts are experiencing tremendous damage to Oklahoma every day for which these bans remain in effect. We hope that will make a decision as soon as possible, “said Nancy Nosap, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Reproductive Rights. “As more and more states ban abortion in the region, it is increasingly essential for this court to govern abortion under its constitution and act swiftly to restore access to abortion in the state. The people of Oklahoma were already too long without access. “

O’Connor and Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt held a press conference last week celebrating the ban on abortion. Stitt signed all the anti-abortion laws that made it on his desk in his time as governor.

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Abortion advocates’ lawsuit challenging Oklahoma abortion bans Source link Abortion advocates’ lawsuit challenging Oklahoma abortion bans

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