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Abortion protesters arrested in Greenville – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2022-06-25 18:57:34 –

Spartanberg, South Carolina (WSPA) — Six protesters were arrested on Saturday during an abortion demonstration in downtown Greenville.

About 500 people participated. According to Sergeant Jonathan Bragg of the Greenville Police Department, police tried to separate the group on the other side of the street, but despite multiple warnings, some protesters refused to follow.

the town’s Picketing ordinance Protesters must remain on “sidewalks, city-controlled parks and squares, or other city-owned areas, or right of way, usually used or reserved for the movement of pedestrians. It is not done in that part, as it is mainly used for vehicles
traffic. “

The ordinance also requires people to stay out of areas occupied by other groups by “doing not interfere with, interfere with, interfere with, or interfere with those who participate in authorized events.” increase.

After several protesters began occupying the road to confront each other, police say after some warnings a decision was made to arrest someone who did not obey the officer. Other protesters who responded to the arrest began to interfere with police at that point, Bragg said.

According to Bragg, six people have been arrested, and allegations range from pedestrians on the road, interference with police, chaotic behavior, and resistance to arrest.

The protests were then considered unlawful, and police officers disbanded both sides of the protest, Bragg said.

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