Abortion-rights group claims arson attack on Wisconsin’s anti-abortion office | Wisconsin

Federal agents and detectives at the Madison Police Department are investigating claims by the Abortion-Rights Group that were behind a weekend arson attack on an anti-abortion office. Wisconsin..

Madison’s headquarters in Wisconsin Family Action was attacked early on Sunday, with Molotov cocktails thrown out of windows, small fires starting, and graffiti spray-painted on the exterior walls. No one was injured.

In a statement reported on Tuesday Lincoln Journal StarJane’s revenge said she couldn’t verify the credibility of the group, said she had launched an attack because of the organization’s opposition to abortion, and similar agencies across the United States disbanded or “more and more extreme tactics.” Requested to face.

“Wisconsin is the first flash point, but we are in the United States. We will not give any further warnings,” the statement said, “quoting the violence of the anti-selection group bombing.” [abortion] Assassinate clinics and doctors with impunity “justifies.

Madison’s attack took place a few days after the Supreme Court’s ruling, which overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision and ended nearly half a century of constitutional abortion protection, was leaked.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) told the Guardian that the agent was aware of the group’s claim of responsibility, but is underway because details cannot be provided. Quoted the survey.

“We are aware of the group claiming responsibility for arson in the Wisconsin Family Action and are working with federal partners to determine the credibility of that claim,” Madison police said.

Those with relevant information were urged to contact us, “We take all information and tips related to this case seriously and strive to scrutinize each and every one of them.”

At a press conference on Monday afternoon, Madison PD and ATF agents announced a joint investigation into what is known as the “abortion extremist case, including arson and graffiti attacks at Madison’s pro-life advocacy office.”

Madison police chief Shon Barnes said the suspect had not been identified so far. Authorities were expected to provide further updates on Tuesday afternoon.

The Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) describes in a statement of values ​​on its website as “a Jewish and Christian group aimed at strengthening, maintaining and promoting marriage, family, life and freedom.” ..

“We support the sacredness of human life from the moment of conception to natural death. This is an opposition law that promotes the destruction of human life that begins with conception through abortion and other means. Includes, “it says.

WFA President Jack Hogendike attacked the response in a tweet posted Tuesday morning, electing Wisconsin Democratic Governor Tony Evers and Madison PD detectives.

“We need to see a much stronger message from the governor to condemn this activity. [and] From a local law enforcement agency, “he wrote.

At a press conference on Monday, Evers called the attack a “horrible incident.”

In search of a full investigation and arrest, he added: “As Wisconsin, we do not accept that kind of violence here.”

Attacks on offices against abortion are relatively rare compared to attacks on abortion clinics and providers. In 2019, the Guardian saidWatchful escalationPicketing in medical facilities, vandalism, trespassing by anti-abortion activists.

Arson, bombing, murder, and acid attacks were one of over 300 extreme acts of violence. Recorded by Rand Corporation Between 1973 and 2003, and in one of the most vicious incidents, in 2009, Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller said: Was shot dead At the church in Wichita.

In March, MS magazine reported that the number of abortion clinics in physical stores nationwide It fell sharply, Partly because of the constant threat of violence against personnel. According to MS, there was only one abortion provider in the six states, most of which were small, independent operators and were considered to be at greatest risk.

“The abortion clinic is closing at an alarming rate,” the article said. “Independent providers are most vulnerable to anti-abortion attacks and violence directed at staff.”

Abortion-rights group claims arson attack on Wisconsin’s anti-abortion office | Wisconsin

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