Abortion rights protest in Cuyahoga Falls – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2022-06-28 22:07:26 –

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (WJW) – Hundreds of people Kaiya Hoga Falls A rallying pavilion and amphitheater in support of reproductive rights on Tuesday night.

Crowds resented Friday’s Supreme Court decision to overthrow Roe v. Wade case.

“We will not return. There was a health condition that had to have an abortion to save me,” said protester Randy Marun.

“It’s not my first rodeo. I turned 75 in October and fought for this. I can’t believe I’m fighting for my granddaughter’s rights,” protester Lori Jensen said. Said.

Rally for Reproductive Justice is the latest in dozens of protests and celebrations across the state.

“I don’t think it’s right for a man to decide what happens to a woman’s body. God gave it to her, he didn’t give it to him,” said protester Mike Marun. I did.

It depends on each state, but Ohio is even more advanced than the others, and abortion is illegal when a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Meanwhile, the orator asked attendees to contact lawmakers to codify the Roe v. Wade case into federal law.

Abortion rights protest in Cuyahoga Falls Source link Abortion rights protest in Cuyahoga Falls

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