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Abortions remain legal, accessible in Colorado despite Roe v. Wade overruling – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Denver — The US Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade case on Friday morning, but access to abortion remains protected in Colorado — One of 16 states It enshrines it in state law.

Friday’s SCOTUS ruling ended nearly 50 years of constitutional protection against abortion in the United States. The judgment of 5-3 is Draft opinion leaked..

Judge Samuel Alito, Judge Clarence Thomas, Judge Neil Gorsuch, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and Judge Amy Coney Barrett were the five who voted to overthrow the Law vs. Wade case. Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett were the appointed Trump. Judges Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan expressed their dissenting opinions.

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About half of the US states are according to the Associated Press Expected to pass abortion bans of varying severity.. The AP reports that 13 states already have laws banning abortions, and about 6 other states almost completely ban or ban abortions after 6 weeks of gestation.

Protest is planned Friday night in Denver.

About Abortion Protection in Colorado

Colorado denounced abortion treatment on April 25, 1967, six years before SCOTUS legalized abortion nationwide. It was the first state to do so.

Abortion Rights in the United States: Life Before the Roe v. Wade Incident

It remains one of the few states to get a late abortion (meaning an end after 22 weeks). Since then, Colorado voters have consistently rejected initiatives to limit abortion. Voters rejected voting initiative November 3, 2020 It would have banned abortion 22 weeks after the last menstrual period.

Signed by Colorado Governor Jared Polis in early April 2022 HB22-1279Reproductive Health Equity Law, Guarantees abortion access And other reproductive rights in state law. The law prohibits state and local public authorities from interfering with the right of a person to continue pregnancy, give birth or have an abortion. This also included the basic right to use or refuse contraception.

The Also stated the act “A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus has no independent or derivative rights under state law.”

The sponsor said When they submitted the bill In March, it was written that the Supreme Court could overturn the Roe v. Wade case. Republicans who opposed the bill pointed out their beliefs, personal beliefs, and beliefs as reasons to vote against the bill, and some Republicans mentioned concerns about late pregnancy.

Senator Julie Gonzales, D-Denver, one of the main sponsors of the bill Insisted: “It’s time for Colorado to take the lead again and move the government out of this most basic decision, so whatever your personal beliefs are, your health care and your body decisions will be respected. increase.”

Police Signed the bill April 4th.

“In Colorado, a very serious decision to start a pregnancy or end it with medical assistance remains among people, doctors, and faith,” he said when signing the bill in April. Said to. “… As the situation in federal law develops further, Colorado is protected at the state level, so residents can continue to have a very close right to choose how to proceed with family planning and pregnancy and whether to continue. We can continue to guarantee that, because Colorado truly respects the rights and freedoms of individuals. “

According to the AP, abortion advocates are planning a voting initiative in 2012 to add abortion rights to the state constitution and abolish the 1980s constitutional amendment banning public funding for abortion. increase.

How does this affect Colorado?

Coloradans continue to have legal and safe options for abortion, and the overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case will not have an immediate impact on the state, but the move will put pressure on the clinics that provide abortion. prize. Colorado is already seeing an increase in the number of people traveling for out-of-state services.

According to data from the Colorado Public Health and Environment DepartmentIn 2021, people who had an abortion in Colorado jumped to a five-year high. Almost 14% (1,560 out of 9,949) of those who had an abortion here last year came from outside the state, up from 13% in 2020 to 11.3% in 2017. AP reported that more than 900 people who came to Colorado for an abortion in 2021 came from Texas, Wyoming and Nebraska.

A state where the right to abortion is protected for out-of-state visitors

After Police signed the Reproductive Health Equity Act in early April The future of health for women in Inglewood, Colorado told Denver 7 that it is seeing an influx of people seeking abortion treatment in Colorado from Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, New Mexico and Wyoming. While waiting for an abortion treatment in Colorado, some patients are driving from a distance and sleeping in their cars, she said.

Dr. Rebecca Cohen, Physician and Medical Director Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare In Denver, one day, 20% of her patients said they were from Texas. She told Denver 7, she was prepared for an additional patient’s tsunami.

Patients who are more pregnant or who are traveling from outside the state and who spend a lot of money on travel, vacation, and hotel stays are prioritized by some of these clinics and are urgent in Colorado. May delay low cases.

The AP reported that it is impossible to predict how many people will seek help in abortion in Colorado after Friday’s SCOTUS ruling.

In addition, AP analyzed statistics that found that the ruling was expected to disproportionately affect a minority of women who already had restricted access to health care. Below are some of the findings:

  • In Mississippi, colored races make up 44% of the population, while 81% of women undergoing abortions
  • In Texas, colored races make up 59% of the population and 74% of aborted women.
  • In Alabama, people of color make up 35% of the population and 69% of aborted women.
  • In Louisiana, colored races make up 42% of the population and 72% of aborted women.

Laurie Bertram Roberts, Managing Director of the Alabama-based Yellow Hammer Foundation, provides financial support to women seeking abortion. Told AP If abortion is outlawed, women who are often poor will have the most difficulty traveling to remote parts of the country to end their pregnancy or raise a child who cannot afford it.

Colorado State Assembly member Diana DeGette, co-chair of House Pro-Choice Caucus, and Planned Parenthood representative of the Pro-choice group Rocky Mountains and Cobalt. Said in early May Federal protection was needed to prevent further exacerbation of socio-economic and racial disparities already affecting women seeking abortion and other assisted reproductive technology.

As a result of Friday’s decision, some Americans are now afraid that Roe’s overthrow could threaten other High Court decisions. Judge Thomas wrote another opinion on Friday So he asked SCOTUS to reconsider the decision to legalize same-sex marriage, contraception, and sexual activity between agreed adults.

Where can I have an abortion in Colorado?

Planned parent-child relationship in the Rocky MountainsCovering Colorado, New Mexico, and Southern Nevada, provides care for approximately 92,000 people each year. It provides an abortion drug for up to 11 weeks after the start of the last menstrual cycle and a clinical abortion for up to 22 weeks after the cycle. Both methods are available by appointment. Can be created online Or call 303-321-2458.

There is Colorado Plan Parent-Child Relationship Location Located in Alvada, Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Cortez, Park Hill, Denver, Durango, Fort Collins, Glenwood Springs, Greeley, Littleton, Salida and Steamboat Springs.

Abortion is also available in many other clinics throughout the state. click here For abortion finder.

According to the Colorado Justice BureauPeople under the age of 18 seeking an abortion can have an abortion with or without the permission of their parents or guardians. The Court website We will give you an overview of the necessary procedures and paperwork. Planned Parenthood helps teens who are having a hard time talking to their parents.

In Hill vs. Colorado SCOTUS 2000 decisionThe court upheld Colorado law prohibiting access to others within 8 feet if they were within 100 feet of the abortion facility.

Abortions remain legal, accessible in Colorado despite Roe v. Wade overruling Source link Abortions remain legal, accessible in Colorado despite Roe v. Wade overruling

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