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Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-01-14 10:30:30 –

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Albuquerque, NY (KRQE) – If you’re looking for a job for the New Year, ABQRIDE wants you to know what they’re hiring. They are looking for drivers to handle their routes and are looking for as many applicants as possible for these jobs.

Danny Holcomb, Director of Albuquerque Transit ABQRIDE, will discuss these employment opportunities. ABQ RIDE is Albuquerque’s main public transport system, reporting an average of 120,000 miles per day on buses.

ABQ RIDE has been a division of the city since 1965, hosting a Luminaria tour each year on Christmas Eve and also transporting Albuquerque’s Independence Day event on July 4th at Balloon Fiesta.

ABQ RIDE is currently hiring drivers to handle department routes. Positions are stable jobs that feature competitive wages, benefits, and city pensions.

According to Holcomb, wages start at $ 14.20 per hour and in about six months the driver will get a Class B approved commercial driver’s license that allows him to drive the bus. After six months of success, you are eligible for a $ 2 salary increase.

The department reports that during COVID-19, no drivers have been dismissed or dismissed and there are opportunities for progress in their work. ABQ RIDE states that many of the division’s key supervisors and all of their road supervisors are former drivers.

Bus drivers will receive the COVID-19 vaccine as part of their Phase 1B deployment plan. If you are interested in applying, please visit / jobs for a list of employment opportunities. For more information on Albuquerque Transit-ABQRIDE, please visit / transit.

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