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According to the CDC, deaths from drug overdose surged during a pandemic

On Tuesday, dozens of organizations working on addiction and other health issues Asked Mr. Biden’s Secretary of Health and Welfare, Xavier Becerra, “acts urgently” and eliminates the rule that doctors receive a day’s training before getting federal permission to prescribe buprenorphine. Many addiction professionals also want to abolish the rules that were already relaxed during the pandemic so that patients do not have to come to the clinic or clinic to treat their addiction.

Many programs that provide treatment, naloxone, and other services for drug users have been reopened at least partially as the pandemic prolongs, but many others, especially those that run on a small budget in the first place. If so, it remains closed or has been significantly reduced.

Sarah Glick, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Washington, said a survey of about 30 syringe replacement programs conducted last spring found that many were temporarily closed early in the pandemic. After resuming, she said many programs reduced the number of services or people they could help.

“Some programs actually needed to cut budgets because the health sector is spending so much money on Covid,” she said. “It could mean fewer participants or a suspension of HIV and hepatitis C testing.”

At the same time, an increase in HIV infection has been reported in some parts of the country using high-dose injectables, including two cities in West Virginia, Charleston, Huntington, and Boston.West Virginia State Parliament Passed the law Last week we imposed new restrictions on the needle exchange program. It said supporters of the program forced many to shut down.

Mr. Biden’s American Rescue Program Act provides $ 1.5 billion for the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders and $ 30 million for local services that benefit addicts, including the needle and exchange program. It contains. According to the Narcotics Control Policy Agency, federal funding is still scarcely available for syringes of people who use drugs, but the latter is important because restrictions do not apply to money from stimulus packages.Last week, administration Announcement That federal funding is now available to buy a quick fentanyl test strip that can be used to see if the drug is mixed or cleaved with fentanyl.

Fentanyl or its analogs are increasingly being detected in counterfeit tablets, especially stimulants, that are illegally marketed as prescription opioids or benzodiazepines (sedatives like Xanax used as anxiolytics).

The northeastern states, which have suffered the most opioid deaths in recent years, saw a slight increase in deaths in the first half of the pandemic year, with the exception of Maine. The most devastated states include West Virginia and Kentucky, which have long been ranked top for deaths from overdose, as well as Western states such as California and Arizona, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Southern states such as states are also included.

According to the CDC, deaths from drug overdose surged during a pandemic

Source link According to the CDC, deaths from drug overdose surged during a pandemic

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