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According to the CDC, the cruise may resume in July after anchoring for nearly a year and a half. – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-05-04 20:08:19 –

Carnival Panorama is one of the largest three vessels on the cruise line to date, with a total of 15 passenger decks and 2,004 private rooms. Photo by Brandon Richardson.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the cruise industry, which generates tens of millions of dollars in long beaches, local and state economies, could revive as early as midsummer after nearly a year and a half pause. ..

In an April letter to industry stakeholders, the CDC provided detailed guidelines for resuming passenger operations using a step-by-step approach aimed at reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection. Clarified and updated.

“We acknowledge that cruising will never be a risk-free activity,” wrote Aimee Treffiletti, Head of the COVID-19-compliant maritime unit within the CDC’s Global Mitigation Task Force.

In a statement USA Today, CDC spokesman Caitlin Shockey said the cruise line could begin passenger voyages from the United States in mid-July. The April letter provided several explanations and updates to the CDC. Conditional sailing order frameworkFirst released on October 31st, after four “sailless” orders throughout 2020.

“I was encouraged by the contact from the CDC,” a cruise lines international association spokesman said in an email, adding that the organization is still considering details. “We are optimistic that these clarifications are showing positive progress, and importantly, our commitment to constructive dialogue is demonstrated. This is evidenced around the world. It’s the key to resuming cruising, as seen by other governments and health authorities. “

The most important update of the framework was aimed at demonstrating the effectiveness of safety measures by ship operators on simulated test voyages when 98% of the crew and 95% of the passengers were fully present. It is possible to bypass (low capacity cruises with a small number of staff and volunteer passengers). Vaccination. Other explanations are as follows.

  • The CDC will review and respond to your simulated voyage application within 60 to 5 days.
  • Ship operators may enter into a “multiport agreement” if all ports and local governments have signed the agreement.
  • Local passengers who have been exposed to or may have contracted for COVID-19 can be quarantined at home by car if no other stop is needed. On the other hand, passengers traveling long distances by plane, especially for cruises, can be quarantined at the hotel.
  • The CDC will update the inspection and quarantine requirements for passengers and crew traveling with paid passengers in line with health agency guidance for fully vaccinated people.

Carnival Cruise Line is the world’s largest cruise ship operator, with three of its 25 vessels operating on Long Beach, previously favoring loosely restricted countries if federal cruise suspensions continue. Threatened to abandon the US homeport. In a statement in April, Carnival President Christine Duffy said the industry was not treated like any other travel and tourism sector or “whole American society.”

“We have no plans to move Carnival Cruise Line vessels out of the US homeport, but we may have to move to resume operations that have been” suspended “for more than a year.” Duffy said.

The carnival has not submitted a simulated voyage application and has not announced that it will require vaccinations when the cruise can be resumed, spokesman Vance Grixen said in an email.

“The carnival is suspended until June 30th … waiting for approval to resume service,” he said. “We are reviewing the guidance issued by the CDC last week.”

The carnival departure will be devastating for Long Beach. According to John Keithler, director of economic development, the cruise giant’s operations generated $ 82.4 million in the local economy in 2006. The Long Beach business also created 536 jobs and $ 18.2 million annual salaries in the local economy at the time.

At the regional level, Carnival created $ 126.6 million and 792 jobs in 2006. The state as a whole created $ 132.4 million and 847 jobs.

In 2007, 7.67 million passengers boarded carnival cruise ships around the world. according to For Statista data. Passenger travel is steadily increasing each year, with 12.9 million passengers sailing in 2019, generating nearly $ 3 billion in net revenue. Meanwhile, Carnival posted a net loss of more than $ 10 billion in 2020. according to In the company’s annual report.

After returning to Japan, Gulliksen said the Carnival’s long beach operations will include three vessels. A panorama of 4,008 passengers, one of the company’s latest ships and the third largest in the fleet. A newly refurbished Radiance that can carry up to 2,984 passengers. And Miracle, a 2004 spirit-class ship capable of carrying up to 2,124 passengers.

“The cruise industry is a very important tourist attraction for the city,” said Keithler, who said passengers would generate revenue for attractions such as local restaurants, hotels, the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Queen Mary. In addition, Carnival pays $ 4.30 per passenger. Master landlord Owned by the Queen Mary on Pier H, it will fund the maintenance and repair of the historic Ocean Liner.

The city had previously taken $ 24 million in public debt for an emergency repair of the Queen Mary and was supposed to repay it using the carnival passenger fare. With these charges lost for over a year, Keisler said the city would need to spend at least $ 2.15 million from the city’s Tideland Fund to cover its debt payments. He added that the total amount of Tidelands money the city spends on bond payments is unknown until the cruise resumes.

“Carnival is a very valuable part of the long beach economy,” Keisler said of a potential comeback. “I’m really excited to see the cruise line come back and the residents of Long Beach return to work.”

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