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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-06-22 20:27:05 –

There are reports of an increasing flood of job changes and resignations as pandemic restrictions are lifted, more Americans are vaccinated, and more offices require employees to return to work.new Research Try to show why they are leaving.

Half of American workers Recent research from Prudential The pandemic reassessed their career goals and said, “We have gained more control in deciding the direction of our career.”

That reassessment leads to the pivot of many careers, or the desire for a pivot.

If given the opportunity, about 53% will retrain for a career in a different field or industry.

A pulse of the American Workers Survey was conducted in May and found that 24% of employees admitted that they were looking for a new post-pandemic job.

Among those planning to find a new job:

  • 50% said they plan to leave compensation concerns
  • 38% said it was to improve work-life balance
  • 34% said their current position lacks growth opportunities
  • 24% are tired of working on the same project
  • Twenty-three percent said they were looking elsewhere due to lack of learning opportunities at their current location.

So what do employees want at work?

Participants told the survey that they emphasize work stability, work-life balance, salary / wages, comprehensive benefits, and a sense of purpose.

The results show that employees increasingly want their employers and managers to help them develop skills and training to improve their jobs and types of jobs.

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