Activists question whether Elijah McClain grand jury investigation will lead to charges – Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado 2021-01-14 13:47:45 –

Aurora, Colorado – Colorado Attorney General Philip Weiser’s announcement of a grand jury investigation into Elijah McClain’s death has been hit by various reactions from community activists and lawyers.

Some consider the investigation a step forward in the case, while others see it as a way to avoid Weiser directly prosecuting the police officers involved in McLean’s death.

“I don’t know I’m excited about the idea that a grand jury is needed to be prosecuted directly,” Aurora community activist Candice Bailey commented on Facebook.

Bailey and other activists said their concerns about the grand jury’s decision arose from other well-known cases such as Louisville’s Breona Taylor, where members of the grand jury said the Attorney General misrepresented the evidence. Said that.

“The allegations of the grand jury community are well-founded. In the past, there were local prosecutors who abused the grand jury system and have used the grand jury system many times to exempt police officers,” Rathod said. Qusair Mohamedbhai, a civil rights lawyer who is a partner of Mohamedbhai LLC, said.

Mohammed Dubai said many district attorneys provided evidence only from the perspective of police officers in cases involving police killings.

“The grand jury system allows the DA to present evidence that it has chosen to present. And in many cases, district attorneys focus on the perspectives of grand jury officers and all other perspectives. We almost eliminate it. The average citizen will never benefit from it, “said Mohammed Dubai.

Mohammed Dubai said there are many secrets surrounding the grand jury process.

Denver7 contacted Phil Weiser’s office about the case, but was told he didn’t want to comment and the jury couldn’t talk about the case either.

Mohammed Dubai said he knew Weiser personally and considered him a good Attorney General. However, his decision to use a grand jury in this case is problematic.

“I hope Phil Weiser will take this opportunity to increase transparency, change the process, and even advocate legislative changes on the grand jury system, making it unavailable to district attorneys. “Mohamedbhai said.

Mohammed Dubai said he would propose that Weiser publish the grand jury’s writings and evidence to allow the community to see what was and wasn’t presented, in order to increase transparency.

While the McLean family was waiting for the results of their investigation, and some others at the federal and local levels, McLean’s lawyer Mari Newman told The Denver Post, the results of the investigation gave much about Weiser’s intentions. Will reveal.

“If the grand jury in Eliya McLean’s case did not prosecute the officer and health care worker responsible for killing him, it would be because the Attorney General’s office did not want to prosecute,” Newman said. “It’s a serious fraud.”

Weiser didn’t say how long the grand jury’s investigation would take.

Activists question whether Elijah McClain grand jury investigation will lead to charges Source link Activists question whether Elijah McClain grand jury investigation will lead to charges

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