Acura NSX will be discontinued in Type S with a flame of glory

Production of Acura NSX It’s nearing the end after the 2022 model. But before it goes on Acura In the form of a Type S variant, it promises the last one hurray.It is said to be performance improvement and limited production, and it will be the ultimate form Honda 2nd generation Super car..

So far, Acura has only issued some teasers and some vague statements. Now, when a car company usually makes a vague declaration of performance gains, it means something like a stiffer shock or a bigger rim (after all, handling is a form of performance, right?).In this case, Acura is specifically NSX Type S offers stronger and faster acceleration in addition to sharper handling. Even if no solid numbers are provided at this time, it’s a real story.

From the teaser, you can see some visual symbols that distinguish Type S from regular NSX. First, the engine cover is finished in red. colour This has traditionally been reserved for high performance Hondas like the Type R Civic, Integra, and 90’s NSX. Much of the bright work, like door handles and rear badges, seems to be painted black. We also added a small Type S emblem just in front of the rear wheels.

Only 350 Type S variants will be built, 300 of which will be allocated to the US market. Also, it seems that normal NSX is not available. Acura website Normal NSX is no longer displayed. Only type S is displayed in the model selection menu.

Launched in 1990 and considered one of the best supercars of the time, the price of the first-generation NSX has risen steadily in recent years. It’s unclear if this generation of NSX will follow the collector’s market in the coming decades. Despite the positive reviews, it was completely unacceptable to brand-sensitive buyers. But even if it becomes a popular classic, the Type S is certainly worth a lot of premium. NSX Type S will be fully released on August 12th.

Acura NSX will be discontinued in Type S with a flame of glory

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