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Portland, Oregon 2021-06-08 13:43:13 –

“Oregon is nearing a full economic resumption.”

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Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, announced the latest update to the county’s coronavirus risk level on Tuesday.

Three more counties — Lane, Coose, and Wasco — are moving to low risk with the latest wave of risk level changes. Josephine and Yamhill counties move from high risk to medium risk. These changes will take effect on Wednesday.

Harney County, on the other hand, will move from low-risk to medium-risk as the number of cases increases. The Harney County change will take effect on Friday after the warning period given to the county on June 4th.

By Thursday, June 17, a total of 21 counties will be in the low-risk category, 4 will be in the medium-risk category, and 11 will be in the high-risk category. At this time, no counties are considered extreme risk.

A complete list of counties and their risk levels is available here.

The latest update was made as the state progressed towards the governor’s goal of 70% of adults being vaccinated with at least the first COVID vaccine. When the 70% vaccination rate is met, the restrictions will be lifted and the business will be fully open.

“Oregon is nearing a full economic resumption and we are grateful to everyone who has taken action to get vaccinated. We have achieved our national vaccination target of 70% and are at risk to the county. To raise the level framework, we need to quickly reach less than 100,000 Oregon citizens, “Brown said.

As of Sunday, 66.8% of Oregons over the age of 18 have been vaccinated with at least the first COVID-19 vaccine. As of Monday, approximately 106,671 adults will need to be vaccinated to reach the Governor’s goals.

The state’s average 7-day vaccination is currently 14,545 times per day.

“COVID-19 continues to be as great a threat to unvaccinated individuals,” Brown said. “Too many Oregons are still hospitalized, even though they can be vaccinated because of the prevalence of more contagious variants. If you were waiting to get vaccinated, give an injection today. Go pick it up. Make a reservation easier than ever and you might win $ 1 million in the Oregon Take Your Shot campaign. “

A total of 125 newly confirmed / estimated COVID-19 cases were recorded in 22 counties in Oregon on Monday, according to health officials. However, no new dead were added.

In the three county areas, 66 of a total of 125 cases were recorded. There were 14 cases in the lane, with other reporting groups showing single-digit cases.

OHA COVID-19 Information

Overall, the total number of cases of Oregon’s coronavirus since the outbreak of the pandemic is 203,374. The death toll remains at 2694.

Additional counties down to Lower Risk in latest update Source link Additional counties down to Lower Risk in latest update

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