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More Tennessee National Guards Contacted Tennessee Star On Friday, a coordinated message between Candidate Tennesses 5 and former National Guard General Kurt Winstead and Governor Bill Lee on the issue of soldier firing on the COVID-19 mission and the role the governor can play. To refute.

The deadline for soldiers to comply with their mission has passed.

“It’s a tuned message. Check the timing and content of the message. Winstead says one thing on the radio, and two hours later, Bill Lee says basically the same thing at the same station. In my opinion, there is no way they wouldn’t adjust the message, “the guard said.

Both Lee and Winstead took responsibility honestly at the federal level, arguing that the Governor of Tennessee could do little to stop the firing.

All public of Lee statement A variation of the message sent to parliamentarians and later to the media.

We take the religious and personal tax exemptions requested by members not included in the 93% vaccinated according to Pentagon policy seriously. We do not plan to terminate these members based on their status and are seeking approval from the Department of Defense for their individual exemption requests.

Star Before report Winstead said WTN“They have a purse, Matt. The federal government pays all state soldiers, all reserves, and all active troops through the federal government. The purse is owned by the federal government. So this is a difficult situation. It’s not a decision the Governor can make. “

“What Winstead did not mention (and is well aware of) is that while the federal government funded the National Guard, control of those troops belonged to the state and unless they were deployed abroad. , The Governor is their commander-in-chief, said a member of the Tennessee National Guard. Star..

“This is a sin of omission, which makes it a blatant lie,” said a frustrated member. “He commands thousands of troops and there is no way he can’t understand the law on Title 32.”

There are three ways National Guards can serve and be compensated:

1 –State active (or SAD) orders

these are order It was typically used for short-term responses such as local disasters, tornado responses, and state emergencies such as civil anxiety support, and was also used in the National Guard’s efforts to fight COVID-19 from 2020 to 2021. Under these orders, the state provides all funding and control. There is no federal contribution or oversight.

2 – Order 10 titles

The order for title 10 is Statutory law All active duty personnel serve under it, including reserves for all branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Space Force). Under these orders, the Department of Defense will provide all funding and control.

The Tennessee National Guard falls under Title 10 during federal revitalization, usually only for overseas expansion.

3 – Order 32 titles

Title 32 order Applies only to National Guard. It is the state in which they serve most of their time, including weekend training, annual training, and school. In Title 32 status, the National Guard is “under the command and control of their respective governors, but funded by the Department of Defense (DoD).”

“Both General Winstead and Governor Lee refused to confirm that the Governor had control and authority over his title 32 unit, and sent Attorney General Slateley to file a proceeding. It’s annoying to get an injunction to stop it, “the guard said.

“In my opinion, this makes the integrity of both Lee and Winstead questionable. Tennessee people need to hold Lee accountable, and people in Tennessee’s Fifth Parliamentary District. You need to know what you’re getting from Winstead if you vote for him, “the officer added.

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Additional Tennessee National Guardsmen Express Frustration with Governor Lee and Kurt Winstead’s ‘Coordinated Message’ on Firings Source link Additional Tennessee National Guardsmen Express Frustration with Governor Lee and Kurt Winstead’s ‘Coordinated Message’ on Firings

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