Advantages Of FUE In Hair Transplant

Losing hair is normal but extreme hair loss may lead to thinning of the hair and sometimes people may face baldness. Embarrassing situations develop if baldness occurs at an early age. Both men and women develop hereditary hair loss and are very common. This is the time you should consult a board-certified plastic surgeon for the solution.

In this video, Dr. Amit Gupta will give a permanent solution to your hair loss treatment.

Are you suffering from hair loss?
• The immediate solution can stop or maybe slow down your hair loss and in most cases, hair transplant surgery is required.

• Hair transplant surgery is the most effective and the safest way to restore hair naturally. This surgery involves transplanting of hair follicles from the donor area into the bald scalp to restore the hair. The surgery takes up to 3-4 hours depending on the procedure chosen by the surgeon under local or general anesthesia.

Hair transplant results can be seen after a few months which offers natural hair growth on the bald scalp. The success rate depends on the skill and the experience of the surgeon. At Divine Cosmetic Surgery, we use high-quality instruments to make sure the patients will get their desired look after a hair transplant surgery and style their hair as they want.

Talk to Dr. Amit Gupta and discuss the queries you have, he will make you comfortable and answer all your queries. Visit Divine Cosmetic Surgery or call for further inquiry.

Are you worried about hair transplant side effects?

• Hair transplant surgery is very safe if performed by a well-qualified and experienced surgeon. It is very important to choose a board-certified surgeon for hair transplant surgery.

• There are many people around the world opt for hair transplantation and they are living their life happily without any complications. The patients can see before and after pictures of the previous patients and also you can ask them about their experience.

• The side-effects can occur during hair transplant recovery periods like pain, swelling, and itching which are normal and can be treated by medications.

Although, restoring hair is a surgical procedure that involves taking out hair follicles from genetically strong areas and putting them into the bald area that can cause some side-effects or complications if the patient does not work according to the instructions of the surgeon.

At Divine Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Amit Gupta examines the patient before and after the hair transplant surgery and guides him to take care of hair to prevent further loss.

Dr. Amit Gupta (Founder & Director) uses 6 hair transplant techniques.
FUT Hair Transplant
FUE Hair Transplant
FUT + FUE Hair Transplant
Robotics Hair Transplant
Synthetic Hair Transplant
Long Hair Transplant

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