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Fresno, Calif. (KFSN)-With the sale of Fresno’s iconic Tower Theater Pending, Adventure Church officials not only serve the theater owners, but also maintain the venue as an event center. I said I plan to do it.

The church issued a statement on Tuesday stating that their goal was “to preserve the historic and beloved landmark and prevent it from being closed.”

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City leaders say some community members are concerned about losing the Tower Theater as an event venue if the church takes over.

Adventure Church said it plans to outsource theater rental management to Tower Theater Productions, which previously operated the business.

The church also said that they were unnecessary for the zoning changes raised in an email from city leaders last week.

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Church leaders did not comment on the accusations that they are currently providing indoor services. This violates the emergency order.

Read the full text of the church here:

“Adventure Church has decided to buy the Tower Theater as part of a long-standing effort to serve the Tower District community and people. Adventure’s intention to buy a building is historic and beloved. It is to preserve and maintain the landmarks that are in place. Contrary to reports from city council members Esmerel da Soria and Miguel Arias, not only is the zoning change unnecessary, but it has never been requested by the church. Adventure Church has never been to the Tower Theater since the purchase negotiations began, with the aim of shutting down the theater’s main business operations as an event venue, dated December 7, 2020. The city was notified in a letter sent to the city planning department of. No company is at risk of losing its license because no zoning changes are required. Adventure Church will allow it, as public safety city regulations allow. We plan to outsource theater rental issues to Tower Theater Productions. E Past. Adventure Church only reserves the building for its own use on Sunday mornings and occasional mid-week nights. In addition, Adventure Church plans to make the venue more accessible by partnering with a non-profit organization that wants to use it. “The last thing the Tower District needs right now is the landmark of the same name. It’s emptying, abandoning, boarding, and destroying. It will send a message to people in our community that the center of this neighborhood is gone, but we want to spread a message of hope and encouragement. “The center of the community is alive and well, the lights are on and everyone is welcome here,” said Anthony Flores, senior pastor of Adventure Church. Adventure Church has been a contributor to the Tower Community since 2010. Adventure Church welcomes everyone from all backgrounds. The goal of the adventure is to create a safe place for participants to experience God’s love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Adventure Church participants have contributed to and will continue to do so by supporting coffee shops, restaurants and stores in and around Olive Avenue. “”

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Adventure Church says Tower Theatre would remain event venue under their ownership Source link Adventure Church says Tower Theatre would remain event venue under their ownership

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