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Murphy Pick-6 Spurious 31-19 beat Darren Urban after missing a field goal back for a touchdown

Jacksonville, Florida-Cardinals knows to deal with what AJ Green called the “NFL roller coaster”, a moment that hurt more than others.

For example, Jamal Agnew tried a 68-yard field goal just before the crossbar and made a 109-yard touchdown in the final play of the first half of Sunday, leading the Cardinal to a low Jaguar.

“There was no panic,” said Cliff Kingsbury after the team won 31-19 at the TIAA stadium and started Season 3-0 for the first time since 2015. “It’s as big as the moment of adversity. Was. You can face the NFL field.

“The man didn’t blink.”

The card went down 13-7 after a near-record mistake by Matt Plater. They went down 19-10 in the second half of the third quarter. However, their attack came back to life for a TD drive, and cornerback Byron Murphy offered a 29-yard intercept return for a touchdown, and suddenly everything went smoothly.

Because the Cardinal won. After all, they won.

Quarterback Kyler Murray said, “For the past two years, the match has definitely lost.”

Of course, that’s not all. There was pressure to defeat the Jaguars (0-3) who lost 18 games in a row. The card, which had already started the right tackle Kelvin Beachum, also lost starting guards Justin Pugh and Justin Murray due to a back injury during the match.

Murray threw a bad intercept in an attempt to play, but it still made things happen-both the green and Christian Kirk exceeded 100 yards of receive-the Cardinals had no great day to run the ball. But I hurriedly touched down twice from James Conner and Murray.

Perhaps the situation would have been different if Agnew had not played him. The Cardinals were just trying to score at the end of the half, just like the previous week. Prater and special team coordinator Jeff Rodgers were pleased with the long attempt, so Prater had a chance to break his own NFL record at 64 yards (coincidentally, Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. Was defeated at 66, who won the game on Sunday-Detroit Gardener.)

“We will be aggressive,” Kingsbury said. “(Matt) felt good about it before the match, but unfortunately it worked. You have to give (Agnew) credits, it was a great run, a great play. Do it.”

Murray smiled and admitted his first thought was “Why are we kicking?”

After the score, “I’m sure everyone was in a hurry,” Murray added.

But Jaguar is a bad team for some reason. They ran James Robinson back to touchdown in the third quarter, building a nine-point lead. However, Connor became more aggressive and Murphy appeared before he won his first TD.

The Cardinals weren’t actually hurt by the rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence (22-for 34, 219 yards, 1 TD, 2 intercepts), thanks in part to Murphy. His first pick came to the red zone at least early in the game to prevent field goals, but the second pick changed the game.

Jags tried flea flicker, but defensive lineman JJ Watt was under great pressure and forced Lawrence to throw his hind legs. Murphy, who was burned by a flea flicker in Tennessee, was ready to attack.

“It’s always my goal, playing for defense,” Murphy said. “I’m thinking of going out and dancing and having fun. When I was able to play, I felt more energetic.”

Kingsbury called the crime “disjoint.” Kirk and Green had good days. DeAndre Hopkins had only three catches at 21 yards where he played with a rib injury. The defense had one drive that struggled with the run, but almost lasted-while it sometimes put pressure on Lawrence, the team could only record two sack.

Murray talked again about feeling frustrated after a win, like last week’s Viking match. But instead of returning from a charter flight, he wore an open Hawaiian shirt over a T-shirt, as if he was heading to one of the beaches near Jacksonville, and he looked fine about it.

The Cardinals will play a big NFC West match against the Rams in Los Angeles next week. And there is still something to fix. But as the division battle becomes a reality, the card carries an undefeated record there.

“We are three,” Green said. “That’s the only thing that matters, man”

Adversity Hits With Kick-6, But Cardinals Overcome To Beat Jaguars Source link Adversity Hits With Kick-6, But Cardinals Overcome To Beat Jaguars

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