Advertising on the Lincoln Project shows the choice of a president who insults women or a president who respects women.

President Trump’s rude and sneaky comments on and about women are not secrets. Just last week, he called Senator Kamala Harris, a Democratic vice presidential candidate, a “monster.” A new ad from the Lincoln project encourages voters to consider what would happen if they had another kind of president who actually respected women, men.

The ad clearly contrasts Mr. Trump with Joseph R. Biden Jr., who states that Mr. Biden chose Harris as his running mate, saying that he “not only values ​​the voice of women, but also as his right arm. It proves to “choose”. Female. “

A 90-second ad begins with two instructions: “Imagine a young girl looking in the mirror looking for role models around the world to give her the hope that one day she can make a difference. Now women say Imagine her feelings when she was attacked in. ”Cue a series of clips showing that Mr. Trump looks down on women, including female reporters. “Your daughters are listening,” the ad says.

Then, as the music soars, the ads encourage viewers to “imagine another future for her.” Harris is Biden’s “woman on the right arm.” It ends with a note of hope that doubles as a warning: “Your actions on November 3rd will define who she sees.”

This ad does not cover the sharply different views of both men and parties on issues that affect women, such as women’s reproductive rights.

Mr. Trump is known for his sexist remarks, and the clips shown in the ads are genuine. Biden, meanwhile, has long established himself as a female champion. He still calls the law of violence against women his most proud legislative achievement, saying he would nominate a woman for his ticket a few months before choosing Harris as his running mate.

According to Advertising Analytics, a slightly modified 60-second version of the ad is posted nationwide on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. Broadcast started on Thursday morning.

Hillary Clinton, a 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, posted a similar ad four years ago. It didn’t work.

And since the Lincoln Project is a group of Nebertamp Republicans founded mostly by men, this ad is the same as a man standing up and blaming other men for bad behavior by saying “as a daughter’s father.” Has a tone like.

Still, the juxtaposition of the two candidates is powerful and can resonate with voters who are fed up with Mr. Trump’s rhetoric.

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