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Portland, Oregon 2022-06-22 17:37:09 –

((((Hill) – Smoking cessation advocates have said they are cautiously optimistic after reports that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is preparing to remove Juul’s vaping products from US shelves.

Migrating from the FDA Reported Wednesday by The Wall Street JournalWill put an end to a two-year review of the company’s request to sell cigarettes and menthol-flavored e-cigarettes.

If the report is true, “it is the most welcomed and has been postponed for a long time,” said Erica Seward, vice president of advocacy for the American Lung Association.

“I hope this is the beginning of many situations in which the FDA rejects applications from companies that are clearly not interested in being appropriate for public health protection,” Seward said. ..

The decision has not been publicly announced, and an FDA spokeswoman said the FDA has no information to share.

The FDA faces increasing pressure to regulate vaping as e-cigarette use surges among adolescents and teens and worries parents and health professionals about nicotine-based product intake. I am.

In 2020, the FDA required all e-cigarettes and e-cigarette companies to submit an application to continue marketing their products. Since then, the agency has reviewed the application from the manufacturer.

The agency also bans the sale of all vapor-breathing flavors except tobacco and nicotine, and does not allow any company to legally sell flavors.

Although Juul’s popularity soared in 2018, its fruity flavor was widely criticized for engrossing teens and young children with vaping.

Cigarette giant Altria, which sells cigarettes from Marlboro, Virginia Slim and the Houses of Parliament in the United States, invested $ 12.8 billion in a 35% stake in Juul in 2018. However, this move has not been rewarded. At the end of last year, Altria said its investment in Juul was less than $ 2 billion.

Altria’s stock fell following a journal report, closing more than 9%.

“Juul is more responsible for causing and fueling the youth e-cigarette epidemic than any other product or any other company. If these reports are accurate, this will end the youth e-cigarette epidemic. It will be the most important action the FDA has ever taken to prevent tobacco companies from using these nicotine-containing products to addict the next generation of children, “Matthew Myers said. Said. President of the Tobacco Free Kids Campaign.

Juul removed the fruit and mint flavored nicotine pods from the market in 2019. The FDA’s reason for banning Juul is that there is no benefit to public health and the threat to young nonsmokers is far greater than the possible benefits. For adult smokers.

In September, the FDA missed a deadline to determine which e-cigarette products could be left on the market.

Towards the deadline, the FDA has made decisions on more than 90% of new tobacco products submitted, primarily underage teens.

However, regulators have delayed the decision of most major vaping companies, including Vuse and Juul.

Vaping supporters oppose the FDA’s efforts to regulate the industry, arguing that it helps people move away from traditional, more harmful tobacco.

Eliminating Juul from the market is “the latest sorry example of a regulatory arson authority’s campaign against nicotine arson products that millions of Americans rely on as a tobacco alternative,” said American Steam Manufacturing. Amanda Wheeler, Chairman of the Traders Association, said. statement.

“This shameful decision is that no matter how deep or meticulous research is on the market, the FDA will arbitrarily shatter the most widely used e-cigarette products preferred by adult Americans. We prove that we are enthusiastic about it, “said Wheeler.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, FDA announces plans Strictly limiting the levels of nicotine that tobacco companies can put in traditional cigarettes to reduce addiction.

“Because tobacco-related harm is primarily due to product addiction that repeatedly exposes users to toxins, the FDA is able to take this step to reduce addiction to specific tobacco products and stop addicted users. ”, Says the FDA.

Advocates cautiously optimistic over report of Juul ban Source link Advocates cautiously optimistic over report of Juul ban

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