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Most of the villagers are digging by themselves, despite some international aid flowing to the affected villages in the east to provide food and tents to the people.

Two days later, on Friday, an aftershock struck a devastated area in eastern Afghanistan. The earthquake rattled the areaAccording to state media, it destroyed hundreds of mudbrick houses and killed 1,150 people.

Pakistan’s Meteorological Bureau reported a magnitude 4.2 earthquake in southeastern Afghanistan, and state-owned Bakhtar News Agency said it killed five more and injured 11 in the devastated Gayan district. reported.

A country with a population of 38 million was in the midst of a swirling economic crisis that was already in poverty with more than millions. Children at risk of severe malnutrition..

The magnitude 6 earthquake that struck the night when people were sleeping left thousands of people without shelters, focusing on the complex needs of the country. Afghanistan remains separated from the international monetary system, and aid groups lament that they have to pay local staff a bag of cash to hand over as countries refuse to trade directly with the Taliban. ..

Aid groups such as the local Red Cross and the World Food Program intervene to help the most vulnerable families with food and other urgent needs in the epicenter of the earthquake, Paktika and adjacent Khost. Did.

Still, the inhabitants seemed to be primarily themselves to deal with the aftermath, as their new Taliban-led government and international aid community struggled to bring aid. The rough mountain road leading to the disaster area was aggravated by damage and rain.Villagers have been Fill their dead and dig rubble By hand looking for a survivor.

The Taliban, director of the state-run Bakhtar News Agency, said Friday that the death toll had increased to 1,150 from previous reports of 1,000 deaths. Abdul Wahid Rayan said at least 1,600 people were injured.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has killed 770 people.

Given the difficulty of accessing and communicating with the affected villages, it is not clear how the death toll has been reached. Both severe casualties will make earthquake Afghanistan the most deadly in 20 years.

State media reported that nearly 3,000 homes were destroyed or severely damaged. In the Gayan district, the earthquake damaged at least 1,000 homes. Another 800 homes in the Spera district of Khost were also damaged.

Modern buildings can withstand magnitude 6 earthquakes elsewhere, but mudbrick houses and landslide-prone mountains in Afghanistan make such earthquakes more dangerous.

Roads in the area are poorly paved and difficult to navigate, so even though they are only 175 km (110 miles) away from Kabul, some villages in the Gayan district can take a day to reach from Kabul. I can do it.

In the villages of the Gayan district, where AP journalists visited for hours on Thursday, they spent the previous rainy night on collapsed open-roofed lifted timber, pulling stones by hand and looking for a missing loved one. The family that was there. Taliban fighters patrolled vehicles in the area, but only a few helped dig up the rubble.

There were few signs of heavy equipment — only one bulldozer was being transported. Ambulances circulated, but other help to life was largely unclear. Gayan’s six-year-old boy cried, saying his parents, two sisters, and one brother were all dead. He escaped from the ruins of his house and evacuated with his neighbor.

Many international aid agencies withdrew from Afghanistan when the Taliban seized power last August. The remaining people are struggling to get medicines, food and tents in distant earthquake-stricken areas.United Nations agencies too Faced with a $ 3 billion shortage of funds For this year’s Afghanistan.

Germany, Norway and several other countries have announced that they are sending aid to the earthquake, but emphasized that they will only work through UN agencies, not the Taliban, which the government has not yet officially acknowledged. Countries have called on the Taliban to tackle human rights issues first. Rights and freedoms of women and girls in Afghanistan.

The International Rescue Commission said it has emergency medical teams in two states, providing important first aid and cash assistance to families who have lost their homes and livelihoods in the quake. The organization, which has been operating in Afghanistan since 1988, is ultimately seeking an international roadmap to release Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves.

Last year, Tullivan’s takeover of the country by Tullivan, which the U.S. was preparing to withdraw its troops, frozen the Afghan Central Bank’s $ 9.5 billion in U.S. banks to the Biden administration, paying civil servants and importing goods. Hindered the efforts of the new ruler against.

Trucks of food and other necessities arrived from Pakistan, and humanitarian-filled planes landed from Iran and Qatar. Indian Humanitarian Aid and Technical Team In the capital Kabul to coordinate the provision of humanitarian aid. India states that its aid will be handed over to UN agencies on the ground and the Afghan Red Crescent Societies.

In Paktika, an earthquake struck a seriously poor area. It is home to a few fertile areas surrounded by rugged mountains.

According to forecasts quoted by the United Nations and others, the poverty rate will reach 97% of the population and the unemployment rate could reach 40% this year.

The Associated Press writer Rahim Faiez of Islamabad, Pakistan and Aya Batrawy of Dubai, United Arab Emirates contributed to this report.

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