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For many, spending a vacation with their family is special. For a Nevada family, Father’s Day marks a major milestone.

Brody and his twin brother Riker are 14 months old, the first Father’s Day they spend at home with their father Brandon.

“Thank you for having these little miracle babies every day,” said Brandon Soukup.

It’s a miracle, as Brandon said, that the twins came here laughing and playing with their parents.

“In September 2019, I learned that I was pregnant,” Rachel Soukup said. When she went to the health check, she was told something her parents didn’t want to hear.

“They are basically.” Your little baby probably won’t get it done. He will probably die, and then the big baby may have many problems associated with it, and he may not accomplish it either. So it had a very tough prognosis, “she recalled.

With the help of a doctor, Rachel was referred to the Colorado Children’s Hospital from her home in Nevada.

“We just want to make sure they both succeed and we do whatever we can,” she said.

Rachel discovered early on that he had Mo / Di twins. That is, one was very small and had abnormal fetal and placental blood flow.

“The high-risk nature of this is that not only can one baby be lost, but both can be lost or one baby can be left with brain damage,” said Colorado Children’s Hospital. Dr. Henry Galan, who works in maternal-fetal medicine at the hospital, said.

“Twin-to-twin transfusions generally affect 1 in 4,000 to 1 in 5,000 pregnancies and affect about 10% of identical twins.”

Rachel had to be monitored daily at the Colorado Fetal Care Center, where doctors and nurses take care of high-risk mothers and babies. They deal with many unusual diagnoses.

“She needed to be monitored very carefully,” said Dr. Franklin Chow, director of the Workers Program at the Colorado Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Chow was there to help understand when the danger was too high and the baby needed to come out. The heart rate of the two babies was the biggest sign. It was time when the little baby’s heart rate dropped too low.

“We have to buy as much time as possible for this baby to grow up,” he said.

Then a pandemic occurred. During the pandemic, unfamiliar, Rachel gave birth to two boys, each under £ 3, with her mother aside at week 29.

Brandon returned to Nevada.

“Our hospital was like a military camp. It was safe and closed,” explained Dr. Chow.

The twins were placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where they faced many challenges. Leiker coded for oxygen problems and underwent laser eye surgery. Brody suffered from feeding difficulties.

A few months later, Brandon was finally able to visit.

“They were born on April 8th, and he met them on Father’s Day, when the pandemic finally settled down for a short time and allowed him to come,” Rachel recalled. “They had these little Father’s Day outfits, but they were huge to them.”

“I was very nervous and almost shivering. You have them and they are very small. But it was like that moment. I was a dad for four months and in fact It was weird because he didn’t feel like his dad, “Brandon said. “The first time I saw them, the sound they made, it was probably the better day I’ve ever experienced.”

And after 125 days in the NICU, Riker and Brody were finally able to go home.

“Brodie has always been a big twin. He’s starting to crawl and face things,” Rachel said. “Ryker was always a little late, but it’s very exciting because he finally got up alone.” Rachel is grateful to everyone who helped her with her journey.

As the boy grows up, Rachel and Brandon say they always look at things from a perspective.

“It’s like that challenge of the moment with your baby, or the next developmental hurdle you’re trying to overcome. But a year later, you look back a bit. Now our problem is, Brody is crawling around and invading everything, “Brandon said.

Brandon can celebrate with his family at home with his father on Father’s Day, a year after meeting his children.

“For me, having these kids is like a day of remembrance. They are in your life now, you congratulate these kids, anyway for me it is It’s a kind of reset day. Let’s be a dad for another year. Let’s be there for them and be a good person, “he said.

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