After a year of bargaining hospital workers have a new three year contract – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-05-05 04:07:35 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — Elsa Caballero, president of SEIU, said some employees needed a year of negotiations to raise wages and are currently making progress.

“We met again a week and a few days later,” she says.

There is a wage increase at the negotiating table, and the Health and Safety Commission’s proposal to address concerns during the pandemic is stated by Caballero.

“We need to be willing to compromise in order for both of us to feel that this is a successful arrangement for both of us,” says Caballero.

April. An agreement was reached on the 21st.

“When they agreed on everything we were looking for, we were all on the Zoom Call. We were incredible,” says Sodexo hostess Lorraine Longoria.

Sodexo hostess Lorraine Longoria said the new contract will provide fair wage increases and bonuses, tuition repayments, loan repayments and paid family vacations for more than 300 workers. I am.

“The extra money we worked hard on, like the pandemic wages when people say thank you,” she says.

Sodexo’s new contract raises the minimum wage worker’s wage by 16% and raises the base rate from 10.50 to 12.50 per hour.

The remaining workers will receive an increase of 7.25% during the contract period.

“Therefore, you can get all the extras you negotiate with the hospital, whether you’re hired by HCA or Sodexo,” says Elsa Caballero.

Caballero wants the union to be able to raise everyone from the base rate to $ 15 an hour, and says there are several ways to do that.

The terms of the new contract are now in effect.

The new contract brings some important advances to workers:

  • Give workers strong opinions on health and safety, and staffing
  • Allows up to 80 hours of paid leave foster care for workers facing sick families, newborn or adopted children, or newly assigned children.
  • With a college tuition refund of up to $ 5,300, it’s easier for workers who want to return to college.
  • By offering a $ 150 monthly loan repayment, we help workers struggle with the chance to catch up with the loan.
  • There is a fair wage increase of 6.75% for the duration of the contract. This includes a promise to spend a total of 1% of total wages to raise the wages of long-term workers who earn less than new employees.
  • Protect the right of workers to speak, protest and join unions.

After a year of bargaining hospital workers have a new three year contract Source link After a year of bargaining hospital workers have a new three year contract

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