After charter change, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey gains unprecedented power in City Hall

2021-12-03 13:26:05 –

More than a century later, Minneapolis’s electricity balance officially shifted from the city council on Friday, and Mayor Jacob Frey now runs the city hall.

“The role of Mayor of Minneapolis has now changed to a clearer executive,” Frey said at a press conference on Friday. “But the responsibility to serve all the inhabitants of our city has not changed.”

In addition to re-election of Frey in the second term, voters in November Approved the amendment of the charter to appoint the mayor Responsible for the day-to-day operations of most city departments, limiting the role of Congress to legislative obligations such as creating ordinances and reviewing city budgets.

Voters also rejected another voting question to replace the Minneapolis police station, which is currently under the sole control of the mayor, with a new public security agency.Police Chief Medallia Mr Aradondo, whose term expires in January, said Friday he plans to announce early next week whether he will continue to lead the embarrassed department. Frey talks with the chief and encourages him to stay.

“It’s important to have potential conversations with dear family members and direct stakeholders,” Aradondo said Friday before making a decision.

To commemorate the first day of the new government structure, the mayor met with Aradondo and other city department heads to make a new move and reveal that a “strong mayor” system was in place in Minneapolis.

Under that system, the Charter Amendment states that the council “must not rob, invade, or interfere with the mayor’s instructions or administrative oversight.” Proponents say the change will allow Minneapolis residents to be accountable to the mayor and prevent the split council from interfering with key decisions such as public security. Many department heads faced crises such as the coronavirus pandemic and the killings of George Floyd officers, so they were responsible for deciding who was responsible and how to manage the dispute between elected leaders. He said he had a hard time.

“The change eliminates the need for city officials and department heads to count mental votes before performing their day-to-day operations,” Frey said.

“Instead, they can focus on their area of ​​expertise without the complexity of politics, disrupting the efficiency of their work,” he said.

But this change has raised concerns. Opponents, including some councilors, warned that giving the mayor more control than the city council would lead to corruption and fail to meet the needs of their members.

Last month, Frey A workgroup to advise him on how he should establish a city government Under the new system. The group, which started the meeting, plans to make a recommendation to the mayor by early next year.

“I will rely more on their expertise than ever before,” Frey said, referring to the department head and advisory group. “The decisions we make over the next few weeks and months will have long-term implications for decades and generations to come.”

The first city council, which faced a diminished role in January, is very different from the current city council. Seven of the 13 members will be newcomers and will elect the new president to replace Lisa Bender, who chose not to run for reelection.

After charter change, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey gains unprecedented power in City Hall Source link After charter change, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey gains unprecedented power in City Hall

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