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The concern was legitimate. Cornerback Stephon Gilmore, who won the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year, tested positive the day after the Chiefs match. After that, the Broncos match was moved on Monday, October 12th. Suddenly the short-handed Patriots prepared remotely and didn’t even practice until Saturday.

The lack of preparation time for the Patriots seemed like a serious disadvantage, but it wasn’t a problem. On Sunday morning, Defensive Lineman Byron Cowart became the fourth Patriot (including Bill Murray on the practice team) and tested positive. The game was postponed for a week and the NFL eventually changed eight games on the overall schedule.

The last two weeks have been full of confusion and uncertainty. However, the Patriots players unilaterally praised Belichick for prioritizing their health above all else in the light of another positive test.

Center James Ferenc was placed at COVID-IR time after canceling practice on Friday after the Patriots received a positive test result. It is unconfirmed whether Ferenc was positive.

Newton and Gilmour were allowed to return to practice on Thursday. Broncos would certainly have preferred to play the Patriots team, playing without Newton and Gilmour, with minimal practice, but the extra time had some advantages for them as well.

Quarterback Drew Lock, who missed the previous three games due to a shoulder injury, will return to practice this week to begin. The Rock-Newton match is much more appealing than the duel between Brett Leipien and Jarrett Stedham.

Several other Broncos also had a chance to heal their injuries, including the talented tight-end Noah Fant (ankle) and the former 1,000-yard rusher Philip Lindsay (toe). Melvin Gordon was arrested for drunk driving. While drunk at the beginning of the week.

Bailey, kick off and get started …

3 players i’m watching

Julian Edelman: Statistics shared by ESPN’s Mike Wraith during the Chiefs game after Stydam Pass bounced Edelman’s hand to Tyrann Mathieu for the Clinch Pick 6 are what our eyes just told us, and they I confirmed what I was telling us for a while: Edelman has slipped too many catchable balls from the grip.

Edelman has recorded the league’s highest 11 drops since the start of last season, according to information Reese reported from ESPN Stats and Info. Other receivers do not exceed eight. The data on is even worse. Edelman has 13 drops last season alone and 2 more this year, excluding the bias towards Matthew.

I don’t know what the discrepancy is, but the conclusion is the same. He doesn’t hold the ball as he should.

But I’m not going to make a leap, but it suggests that even 34 years old is a clear sign of aging and poor skills. Edelman has been working on knee problems. This seems to be the main reason Belichick restricted snaps. This season (he played only 61% of the attack snaps against the Chiefs). I don’t believe it is performance-based for a second. In the second week, he lit up the Seahawks 179 yards at eight receptions.

Edelman is in a lucrative match this week against Broncos’ cornerback Bryce Callahan. No other Patriots player deserves the benefit of doubt. He is getting it here.

Jerry Judy: Judy, the second receiver selected in the 2020 draft, finished 15th overall after the Raiders robbed Alabama’s teammate Henry Laggs. A quarter of the road to his rookie season, he looked like a savvy pick by President John Elway of Broncos.

Judy has 15 receptions and touchdowns of 234 yards, and the TD is beautiful, grabbing Jets’ cornerback Pierre Decia 48 yards, which looks like it was cut from Randy Moss highlight film.

However, one requirement for the CBS broadcast team: don’t stick to your talent for running Judy’s route by showing an already too familiar video that Judy is training in footwork. Yeah, I already knew the scale, which has reached the level where Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard and Chris Hogan played lacrosse.

Chase Vinovich: Is it premature to call him the Patriots Defense Breakout Star, who has handled various personnel changes very well this season? I’m afraid not.

In his second year, the left defensive end led the Patriots with a sack (2.5), quarterback hit (6) and tackle (3), forcing him to fumble and tied for fifth place on the team with 14 tackles.

Lipien wasn’t fired for a win over Broncos Jet in the fourth week, but Denver allowed 12 sack in two previous games. This includes 11 where Jeff Driskel was one full game and most other quarterbacks.

Locke was fired only once on his two starts, but Winovich should raise that total Sunday.

This week’s dissatisfaction

This week’s complaint isn’t really specific to this week. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen tweeted at 6:46 pm on October 5th with ridiculous emotions. But since he pressed the submit button, he has been annoying me with emotions. It’s premature and speculative in the first place. — COVID-19 proved ridiculous over and over again as it disrupted the NFL’s schedule.

Did you see this?

“From long-time team executives who say they reflect what many other team executives believe: @NFLCommish Roger Goodell has received considerable criticism over the years, but the pandemic crisis and social justice issues. His leadership in management was a moment in his Hall of Fame. “

It is not possible to determine which part is more unpleasant:

Mortensen and NFL executives talked about Goodell’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as if the league was clear, even if only a quarter of the schedule was taking place. Alternatively, NFL executives and media conspiracy nugget traders have already anointed the skids to push Goodel into the canton someday.

Key matchup

Patriots Guard / Center Jo Tony vs Broncos Internal Defense

When it came to playing against the Chiefs, Tony was the focus here. After playing the previous two games in the center in the absence of David Andrews, Tony and the left tackle, Isaia Win returns to the left guard, Ferenc in the center and rookie Michael Onwenu (instead of Shakir Mason) in the right guard. ) Fixed a mix-and-match line, out with a calf injury), and a rookie right-tackle to Justin Heron (because he’s sick of Germain Elmner).

Results: Two years ago Damien Harris ran 100 yards on his first career start, including a 41-yard run, and the Patriots ran a total of 185 yards with 35 carries, averaging 5.3 yards per pop.

The Chiefs knew to start with a quarterback and run the ball with limit veteran Brian Hoyer, and the Patriots went out and did it anyway. Despite playing one less game than most teams for goodbye last week, the Patriots are ranked fourth in the NFL with an average of 5.1 yards per carry and a total rush yard (719). The success of the running game is included in the short list of the most positive developments of the season.

On Thursday, Belichick quoted Line’s “very commendable work” this season, despite the replacement of staff. The Patriots may face even more changes this week. Ferenc and Elmner deal with issues that are not related to injuries, and Win and Mason are both stated to be limited to calf injuries.

But Thuney and his friends allow 109 yards per game on the ground and plow some lanes for Harris against Denver’s defense, which isn’t exactly reminiscent of the “Orange Crash.” You should be able to (good job, try again, kid). The days of Randy Gladisher, Bob Swenson and Tom Jackson. Broncos’ main tackler is Josie Jewel (30 tackles), a third-year linebacker who has started just 12 career games by the season.


Or know it was a touchback, Champ Bailey

Approximately every five years, the Patriots suffer losses that you never see coming. The ultimate example is the Browns’ 34-14 victory in November 2010, when immortal Peyton Hillis ran 184 yards, scoring a total of three touchdowns and Colt McCoy (14 yards out of 19 passes). , 174 yards, a memorable rush TD) was once alive. In the name of his perfect quarterback. For some reason there were other stunning things, including three or four against dolphins, but few of them.

If Broncos defeats the Patriots, it falls into its shocking victory category. When Lindsay and Gordon play, it’s hard to imagine a consistent success against the 18th-place Patriots’ Rand Defense (115.3 yards per game). (64 yards with 16 carries).

Rock was even harder to imagine, injuring him and starting his eighth career, finding a hole in the Patriots’ talented pass defense (12th place, 233.8 yards per game allowed).

It’s no surprise that Newton is rusty. However, the Patriots running game should succeed even if the aerial game does not succeed. The accumulation in the game is full of suspense. The game itself is not. Patriots 31, Broncos 10.

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