After facing the ups and downs of COVID-19, downtown’s Muse Bistro is set to close their doors – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-12-23 00:23:57 –

According to management, COVID-19 made the operation of the business feel like a “red light, green light” game and had to shut down several times.

Corpus Christi, Texas — The first downtown Corpus Christi restaurant to open during the COVID-19 pandemic is currently working to get as much support from the community as possible before it officially closes.

The owner of Muse Bistro tells 3News that the lease to continue business in downtown has not been, but is currently. Seeking an opportunity to stay open..

“I’ve run out of all my savings accounts to put into this business. It’s a debt-free business,” said Michelle Joseph, co-owner of the Muse Bistro. “This is directly from our efforts because we didn’t borrow a loan. From our 9 to 5 and from everything we’ve accumulated all our lives. For us, it’s It was like our baby. We put in a lot Put money in this place. “

Joseph wears a lot of hats. She works full-time in healthcare and runs a business in downtown Corpus Christi, but she said it felt like a difficult battle since the Muse Bistro opened their doors. ..

“So we signed the lease in September and the COVID hit in December. We literally didn’t expect any of this. It was a kind of spiral,” Joseph said. rice field. “By the time the wind blows from 9 to 5 o’clock, I think I had already kneeled down and repaired it.”

She said COVID-19 made the business run like a “red, green” game and they had to shut down several times.

“I had an employee infected with COVID. I had to close the restaurant several times,” Joseph said. “Be careful, we were already struggling. The restaurant industry is already short of employees.”

That wasn’t the only problem.

“So we had to close for a month until we found enough kitchen staff, but it was just inspiring and difficult for anyone to work at that point,” said Muse Bistro’s manager. One Olivia Ramon said.

Pandemics weren’t the only hurdles in front of Muse Bistro.

“The COVID continued after the freeze, so the supplier literally saved us. We didn’t pay attention to us,” Ramon said. “They don’t get food because they don’t have anyone to deliver downtown.”

Due to the rough start, the property owner decided to continue operating the Muse Bistro without renewing its lease.

“She gave us only until the end of the year to move, and she gave us a notice two weeks ago,” Joseph said. “It doesn’t take much time, especially because it’s a holiday.”

Joseph has created an online petition to get support from the community. She wants to gain exposure that leads to business connections, advice and donations. She said the muse bistro hasn’t said goodbye to the community yet, and they plan to open somewhere else when the time comes.

Details of 3News on KIIITV.com:

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After facing the ups and downs of COVID-19, downtown’s Muse Bistro is set to close their doors Source link After facing the ups and downs of COVID-19, downtown’s Muse Bistro is set to close their doors

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