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Indianapolis >> DeForest Buckner prepares for the match every Sunday.

The Indianapolis Colts Star Defensive Harness Study Tape focuses on executing the game plan, making sure he is in top shape and doing everything he can to help his teammates return to the playoff hunt. doing.

Still, he admits that he feels this is different.

Buckner was traded to Indy at the height of his career after spending the first four seasons at the 49ers. This made me fascinated by San Francisco as I progressed through my career. On Sunday he will be back for the first time.

“I definitely don’t know how I feel when I’m on the field,” he said Wednesday. “I’m probably a mix of emotions. That’s where I started my family. So I started playing this game at the highest level. I’ve put my heart and soul into it for four years. I think it’s interesting. “

This deal was a surprise in the NFL world.

Teams are usually anxious for a Pro Bowl caliber defensive lineman in his twenties, especially an interior lineman as destructive as Buckner. But in the face of the possibility of losing Buckner as a free agent, the salary cap situation, and the talented depth, that would have made it difficult for the 49ers to maintain a 6’7,295-pound Punaho Alum from the 49ers. Chart, San Francisco sent Buckner to Indy for the first draft topic in 2020.

Colts’ general manager, Chris Ballard, quickly handed Buckner a four-year contract worth $ 84 million and quickly became an anchor for Indy’s defensive line at a price that 49ers couldn’t afford.

“It doesn’t really happen, but it’s the nature of the business,” Buckner said, referring to trade. “That’s what we signed up for, right?”

Buckner certainly postponed his end of the deal. He is one of three NFL defensive harnesses with seven or more sack each in the last three seasons. He has the league’s best 348 tackles among interior linemen since joining the league in 2016. Last season, he won the Allpro honor for the first time, even though he played most of the season basically with one arm.

This season, a healthy Buckner didn’t keep secret that he expected him to play even better — perhaps enough to be named the League’s Defensive Player of the Year.

Statistically, Buckner is once again ranked at the highest rank in the league. He is the fifth of the 28-stop defensive harness and has two sack.

And while studying game tapes this week, Buckner admits that it’s a bit strange to strategize against former teammates such as quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and right guard Laken Tomlinson. They were there for what ended as Buckner’s last match against San Francisco — the defeat of the 31-20 Super Bowl to Kansas City.

But as the reunion weekend approaches, Buckner wants to take care of the business for his previous team while he enjoys the short time he has to meet some old friends.

“If you want to say that, it’s a bit personal,” Buckner said with a laugh. “It was a bit quiet this week. They have games to focus on, and I have games to focus on, so I might meet them on the day of the match and catch up after the match.”

After leaving heart in San Francisco, Colts’ DeForest Buckner eagerly anticipates his return Source link After leaving heart in San Francisco, Colts’ DeForest Buckner eagerly anticipates his return

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