After Nicole Young’s divorce, Mystery Woman and Dr. Dre-Hollywood Life

Rapper Dr. Dre was discovered in Los Angeles this week as a mysterious woman during a troublesome divorce process with Nicole Young.

One year after his division Nicole Young, Dr. Dre Discovered by a mysterious woman.Rapper, real name Andre Young, 56, I went to Los Angeles on Thursday, July 29th and met a black-haired woman in an orange dress before the weekend.

Dr. Dre and a mysterious woman in Los Angeles on Thursday. (Daily Stardust / Back Grid)

Dr. Dre wore a casual black sweatshirt and stepped off the SUV, paired with sweatpants with stylish red and white stripes running to the side. The producer kept things comfortable and finished the look with some sneakers.

Witnesses come later The rapper was ordered to pay Nicole, 51, surpassed $ 290,000 a month with spouse support after being split last June. 24 years after marriage Former lawyer applies for divorce Last summer, her rapper’s husband made an irreconcilable difference. Duo shares two adult children, very, 20, and truth, 24, together.

Since then, the two have been in court, especially over the validity of prenuptial agreements.As Nicole has, it’s controversial Blame the producer of abuse.. According to reports earlier this year, Nicole claimed in a court document filed after the split that hip-hop mogul “held a gun in my head.”

In a document filed with the California Superior Court, she said the “Still DRE” rapper “has hurt my personality with words and emotions to the extent that she is currently suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.” .. The rapper denied the document’s allegations and told the court that he had “never abused Nicole or threatened her physical safety.”

The filing was not the first time a producer had been accused of abuse.singer Michelle — The person with whom the rapper had a previous relationship and shared his son Marcel, 30, with — blaming Dr. Dre for abuse in her television biography Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le, He claims to have broken her nose during a physical quarrel.

Under pressure from resurfaced reports, he was physically Assaulted journalist Dee Barnes In the 90’s Rapper makes a statement NS New York Times He expressed regret for his actions in 2015. “I apologize to the injured woman,” the statement read. “I deeply regret what I did and know that it has forever affected all of our lives.”

After Nicole Young’s divorce, Mystery Woman and Dr. Dre-Hollywood Life

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