After Pelosi rejected the two, McCarthy pulled five Republicans away from the Capitol attack panel | US Capitol Attack

Speaker of the House, Democratic Party Nancy PelosiInvestigated the House of Representatives attack on Wednesday, saying two Republicans appointed by House minority leader Kevin McCarthy could threaten the completeness of the investigation by Trump allies. Announced that it will exercise its veto power on a new special committee.

However, this move triggered McCarthy to pull all five. Republican If Pelosi did not dominate the entire cohort, he threatened to resign from the committee and begin his own investigation into the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

Republicans rejected because Pelosi refused to retreat and the Commission said it would move on Said they thought That she rejected all five.

Republican minority leader action also Wednesday afternoon with Liz Cheney, the only Republican appointed to the Commission by Pelosi, and thus not one of the five effectively withdrawn by McCarthy. He stood on the steps of the Capitol and spurred him to accuse him of being “sneaky” and shameful. “

Chainy also accused McCarthy of trying to “prevent” Americans from knowing the truth. Parliamentary attack Occurred.

“Americans deserve to know what happened. Those who did this must be held accountable, and it must be a calm and fact-finding investigation,” she added. “.

Pelosi was already controversial before Appointed Chainy To the committee, With 7 Democrats..

Pelosi said in a statement that Republicans Jim Banks and Jim Jordan were rejected by the panel because of their disdain for the investigation and their relationship with Donald Trump. Persons surveyed by the selection committee..

Pelosi said she was the seriousness of the January 6 selection committee’s investigation into a violent riot that left five dead and nearly 140 injured by former presidential supporters. He said the move was an unprecedented but necessary step.

“I must reject the recommendations of the representative bank and Jordan to the Special Committee,” Pelosi said. “The unprecedented nature of January 6 demands this unprecedented decision.”

The move also demonstrated Pelosi’s widespread unilateral authority to guide the direction of the investigation. According to sources familiar with the matter, Pelosi made her decision after considering the selection of the leadership team and the panel.

McCarthy voted against demonstrating Joe Biden’s election victory, including candid Trump allies Banks and Jordan in his pick on Monday, a fierce party battle over the direction of the investigation. Foresaw.

Top Republicans in the House of Representatives have accused her move of “causing irreparable damage to the agency” and “terrible abuse of power.”

“This panel has lost all legitimacy and credibility and shows that speakers are more interested in politics than seeking truth,” McCarthy said. “Republicans will not be involved in their fake process, but will instead pursue our own investigation of the facts.”

Still, Republican Liz Cheney, who was elected by Pelosi as a member of the special committee after accusing Jordan in the House of Representatives on January 6, told reporters that he supported Pelosi’s decision.

“I agree with what the speaker did,” she said.

After a series of phone calls between Pelosi, her team of leaders, and the Democratic Caucus on Tuesday morning, he decided to prevent Pelosi from serving as a member of the special committee.

House Democratic Party He resented the appointment of the bank after a statement released Monday night that he had mysteriously accused the Biden administration of responding to the January 6 attack during the Trump administration.

The bank also elicited the wrath of Pelosi and House Democrats after House Republicans arranged a trip to join Trump at a recent event on the South Border with individuals who participated in the Parliamentary attack itself. I did.

Pelosi also expressed deep concern about Jordan’s choice, sources said, especially in an attempt to investigate the most deadly attacks on the Capitol since the 1812 war, when riots struck the Capitol. Given that he might have spoken to Trump when he looked down.

Special Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson previously told Guardians that all conversations about Trump on January 6 would be investigated by the panel, raising the possibility that Jordan would consider his actions.

Vivian Ho contributed to the report

After Pelosi rejected the two, McCarthy pulled five Republicans away from the Capitol attack panel | US Capitol Attack

Source link After Pelosi rejected the two, McCarthy pulled five Republicans away from the Capitol attack panel | US Capitol Attack

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