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After recent setback, Happ earns redemption over Reds | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

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NS. Louis ( — JA Happ’s last confrontation with the Cincinnati Reds was a nightmare for the Cardinals.

In Game 2 of the doubleheader against the Reds on September 2, Happ recorded only 3 outs. He abandoned far more runs. Happ finished the day with 1.0 innings and seven earned runs, consolidating the Cardinals defeat before the game actually started.

It’s a nightmare for the Cardinal, and obviously for Happ.

“You will do your best to wash it off,” Happ said on a rotten outing Sunday. “It’s easy to say. It took me a few nights of sleep. It’s just that I care a lot about it.”

In August of Happ, Cardinals baseball manager John Mozeliak looked like a crazy genius. After joining the team on the closing date, Happ edited 2.22 ERA in the first month with the Cardinals. This is exactly like the rough diamond type that the St. Louis front office was looking for. The Cardinals did not want to let go of the premium outlook to strengthen their current squad and turned their attention to affordable “landscape change” candidates to change the momentum of their starting rotation. It worked on Happ for a month.

Then came the start for the Reds.

At Busch Stadium on Sunday, Happ got another crack in Cincinnati. Taking advantage of the 5.1 scoreless inning song, he placed the Cardinals and insisted on the long-awaited series against the major enemies of the National League’s second wildcard spot.

On the day Padres lost to the Dodgers, the Cardinals defeated the Reds 2-0, claiming their coveted post-season berth in both San Diego and Cincinnati matches.

Happ held down the dangerous Reds lineup on Sunday, pitching to 6th and allowing two hits and one step. With two starts in September, a total of 11 runs were possible, and Happ was arguably the most effective cardinal outing.

This is a redemption outing that benefits Happ every time his head hits the pillow the next few nights.

“Honestly, I haven’t slept really well since the last time I met them after the match,” Happ said. “So it was great to come back and get a decent one and give the series a chance to win … I’m glad I got some solid results today.”

The Cardinal has avoided inconsistent crimes throughout the year. Sunday was no different as Nolan Arenado provided the only goal in the afternoon when he hit a two-run home run from the Façade of Big Macland in his first inning. However, Cardinals didn’t need more than Arenado offered, as Happ’s hard work led to another bullpen banner day.

The rescuers who followed Happ also played a significant role in it.

It is not uncommon for bullpen to experience decline and flow during the season. The Cardinals passed an extension of the campaign, during which time the core late inning weapons Génesis Cabrera, Geobani Galegos and Alex Reyes seemed unmistakable. However, during those hours earlier this season, the team often struggled to find other rescuers to pick up the mantle in the middle innings.

The flow chart was simple. It’s late and close, and while I’m in front, I’m pointing towards the trio. All other scenarios showed disappointment. The second string relief wasn’t working on a regular basis.

In honor of that, the front office constantly tinkered with the mixture and guided the signatures of several free agents throughout the summer to look for answers. They found a couple at TJ McFarland and Luis Garcia. They have added an element of reliability since their arrival.

The scattered struggle for the latter trio led to a recent remodeling of the bullpen’s role. Cardinals moved Reyes from 9th, but he is willing to slide him into different roles depending on the script of the game. On Thursday he threw two scoreless frames to build a bridge to the men in the second half. On Saturday he played the role of setup and threw the donuts eighth.

Galegos settled in his new home as the team approached, and seems to be enjoying a new bargain with five saves this month. Cabrera served his bridge on Sunday and found another gear to hiss that allowed him to reach the triple digits with a radar gun in the eighth inning.

Then there are McFarland and Garcia, who are consistently ready to enter where they fit. Garcia picked up the baton from Happ in the 6th place, allowed the runner in the 7th place, and then handed it to McFarland.

Increasing the diversity of the bullpen was a godsend for managers who often lamented the idea that they couldn’t keep the lead on the same three guys every night. With the McFarland and Garcia duo acting as the main components of the unit and the big threes remaining in the prominent slots, the modified deck suddenly feels like it’s been piled up in Cardinals’ favor.

“Honestly, I believe in it,” McFarland said. “All of us there trust each other and know each other. I came in the middle of Garcia’s orchid innings — we all do. We all trust each other. It may not be successful, but it picks up each other. When some of our bullpen are frayed, others say, “Hey, listen, they’re doing it all year long. So it’s our turn to pick them up. ” That is unity. That is the idea there. And it really pays off. “

The Cardinals manager certainly doesn’t complain about his rescue weapons falling into place in the most important months of the regular season.

“Our bullpen, they’re just quiet assassins,” Mike Shield said on Sunday, the day after the unit won a crucial victory: “They’re together. They’re very well prepared. They are very low maintenance. Group. They are in it for us. They will have each other’s backs. And they will go there and take care of the business. . “

As the Cardinals get closer to the wildcard picture, the secret to success becomes clear. The 2021 version of this team works best when pitching carries loads. A good defense, the Cardinal’s calling card under the shield, helps promote success on the mound. Next is the topic of attacks.

At this stage of the season, the lineup ranked at the bottom of the league in the most aggressive categories should probably not be expected to produce a sudden injection of world-leading abilities. They will settle in a timely manner at this point and will benefit from the provisions of the pitching staff who roll into shape at ticks of time. That is the blueprint.

The Cardinal sees it. The next step is to follow it consistently.

“We have an idea of ​​what we feel we need to do,” Happ said. “But at the same time, we know we can’t do that in a day. The division with LA was huge. It was hard to get out of the series and win here. We know that you can maintain or earn. Behind your head, you have an idea of ​​what you need to do here.

“It’s getting really interesting now. That alone will make it even more fun.”

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After recent setback, Happ earns redemption over Reds | St. Louis News Headlines Source link After recent setback, Happ earns redemption over Reds | St. Louis News Headlines

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