“AGT” Season 16 Episode 4 Summary-Hollywood Life

When Sofia Vergara pushed the golden buzzer, “AGT” nominated a new front runner. The singer had Simon Cowell regain his words by the end of the audition!

Jimmy Herrod that is AGT Athletes to watch out for after the June 22nd episode.A Portland singer takes the stage to play “Tomorrow” Annie.. Simon Cowell The song selection quickly turns it off and is called the “worst song in the world”.

Jimmy’s musical classic production is gorgeous. He receives a standing ovation from Simon! After Jimmy’s performance, Simon declares, “It’s not my worst song anymore.” Sofia Vergara She says she didn’t like it, which surprised Simon. After all, Sophia was fooling them and actually loved Jimmy’s performance. She decides to give Jimmy a golden buzzer!

Jimmy Herrod is the recipient of the Golden Buzzer. (NBC)

Previously, the episode begins with Shuffle, A dance group that has only practiced for 3 months. They start the episode with so much energy. “We didn’t have this kind of energy this season,” says Sophia.

Brooke Simpson A singer in the indigenous community of North Carolina.She is ready to be proud of her tribe AGT.. She admits that singing in front of Simon has been her dream since she was 16 years old. She tells the judge that she wants to be the first major indigenous pop star.

Brooke takes her husband out, Ray, How about playing the piano?She tightens the belt Lizzo’s Nailed with “CuzI Love You”. She receives a standing ovation from the judge. “You have the entire package to be a real star” Heidi Klum To tell.Simon gives her Kelly Clarkson And Fantasia..

Brooke Simpson
Brooke Simpson performs a Rizzo hit. (NBC)

JW’s inspirational singer in New York City All come from the Broadway and television worlds.They do a powerful rendition Cynthia Erivo “Stand up” with tap dance. Howie Mandel Compare the group to an “event”. “That was what we call a moment,” Simon told the group.

Amazing shoji It ’s definitely a cute magician to come. AGT.. He is only 9 years old! He stuns the judge with his actions.Shoji wants to be next Shin Lim, And he definitely has the charm to do so! “You are a witch,” Simon tells a nine-year-old kid. When all four judges say “yes”, they start crying!

Other directions We call ourselves “the most gay boy band in the world”. They met at a junior high school show choir camp. They decided to play the original song “You’re The Best”, which is a riot. “I felt everything was great,” Sophia praises.

Josh blue
Josh Blue brings laughter. (NBC)

Josh blue I’m a comedian with cerebral palsy. His self-deprecating humor is a judge’s hit. “We needed you,” says Simon. Howie spouts Josh “like a superhero.”

Danilla Bim It’s unlike any aerialist you’ve ever seen. She does all her deeds while being lifted — by her hair! She puts everyone on the edge of the seat throughout the performance. Stunned Sophia says, “I’ve never seen it in my life.”

The last act of the night features a familiar face AGT fan. Ryan Stock And Anberlin Brought back by Simon from Season 11. They took dangerous behavior to a new level. They raise Sophia and Simon as part of their actions.

Simon must hold a balloon over his head while Sofia takes over the crossbow. After that, Sophia is blindfolded. Simon decides to do the ultimate prank on Sophia. Sophia is already afraid of what’s to come. While Sofia is blindfolded, Simon stabs a fake arrow into his chest and lays on the floor.

When Sofia pulls the crossbow lever, the people around her behave as if she hit Simon. Terry crews While Sofia is surprised, hurry to Simon’s side. Terry tells Sophia that Simon is calling her. Sophia walks to Simon. “I did it,” he said, revealing that he was okay. Sophia is clearly not happy with this prank. “You know I’m a Colombian, and you know we’re going to take revenge,” she warns Simon after the act is over.

“AGT” Season 16 Episode 4 Summary-Hollywood Life

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