AgTech Innovator of the Year-Canada

For many agricultural industries, it’s been stuck firmly in the past, LABORA We have come a long way in modernizing the sector. Recognized for his efforts in the New World Report’s Agriculture and Farming Awards 2021, I thought it was time to look at this team of AgTech innovators and see what they did to achieve legitimate praise.

Farmers often struggle to find a way to pay agricultural workers, and many unusual working hours and administrative workloads continue to grow. Designed by LABORA, the AgTech platform simplifies and greatly simplifies the process for everyone.

LABORA provides owners and workers with a better way to move forward as well, providing farm owners and workers with online payroll services to keep their information up-to-date and pay taxes for those who need it. We support the submission of tax returns. Temporary farm workers can send and track remittances at discounted rates and exchange rates as needed. In short, this is a product specially designed for the way the labor market works in the agricultural industry.

For those who enter agriculture seasonally, it is historically incredibly difficult to profit. One of the main motivations behind LABORA’s design was a temporary improvement in the financial condition of foreign workers. This is why the team’s solution provides access to banking and financial services. This allows teams to build a way to access their home loan, not just their credit history. This allows them to carry out their farming activities in their country of origin.

One aspect that makes LABORA stand out is how LABORA is a B2B service rather than a B2C. While B2C offers individual cash transfers at caps, high fees and low exchange rates, B2B provides workers with more favorable exchange rates that are otherwise inaccessible. This is only possible before LABORA provides these services to farm owners on behalf of temporary foreign workers. The benefits of using LABORA are obvious to the viewer.

LABORA’s innovative thinking makes it a comfortable fit for the Canadian agricultural industry. There is already a vibrant AgTech community supported by a variety of federal and state government programs to support innovation and technology in the agricultural sector. Many of the obstacles that affect the entire region can be overcome through the use of technology and research, and LABORA is probably the perfect example of this. Innovate the 50-year-old system to improve the financial position and productivity of temporary foreign workers in Canada and to ease the lives of those who had to complete relevant administrative tasks.

LABORA will continue to expand the range of services it currently provides to its clients. When the company first started its business in 2020, it offered only B2B money transfer services. Salary and tax filing services will be added in 2021 and financial planning services will be provided in 2022 to optimize the retirement of temporary foreign workers. The purpose of the team is to become a financial services market for temporary foreign workers who do not have a bank account due to inadequate services throughout Canada and the United States, and to companies that serve similar workers around the world. I hope it will be.

With such ambitions for their company and such success behind them, it’s no wonder the team has a great future in front of them. We celebrate their achievements so far and look forward to not yet bringing their achievements to this important part of agriculture.

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AgTech Innovator of the Year-Canada

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