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Brunswick, Georgia-Almost three weeks ago, a judge decided to pursue and kill Amad Arbury, despite prosecutor opposition that several black juries had been reduced. We have decided to have one black jury and 11 whites seated. For their race.

Amado Arbury Verdict: Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael, William Brian Convicted of Murder

Judge Timothy Walmsley of the High Court admitted that “intentional discrimination” by lawyers against three white defendants charged with the death of a black man appeared to have shaped the jury’s selection. But he said Georgia law limits his authority to intervene.
Race is a central issue in the case involving the death of Arbury. Greg McMichael and his adult son Travis McMichael armed Arberry on a pickup truck on February 23, 2020, after finding a 25-year-old man running in a neighborhood on the Georgia coast. I tracked it. Neighbor William “Rodi” Brian “joined the chase on his truck and took a video of a cell phone where Travis McMichael shot Arberry three times with a shotgun.

A long, sometimes heated debate over the final jury racial composition broke out in court as lawyers closed the jury selection process, which lasted more than two weeks.

Arbury’s death became part of a broader view of racial injustice in the criminal legal system after a series of deadly encounters between blacks and police, especially George Floyd, Breona Taylor, and Killing of Rayshards. rice field.

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No one was charged with Arbury’s death until more than two months after the shooting video was leaked online. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation took over the case from local police and immediately arrested all three on suspicion of murder and other crimes.

A few minutes after the lawyer had narrowed the 48 panel to 12 final juries, prosecutor Linda Dunikoski said that only one black jury made the panel.

She claimed that the defense lawyer had beaten eight black jury candidates for race. The US Supreme Court has determined that it is unconstitutional for lawyers to attack potential juries based solely on race or ethnicity during jury selection.

Greg McMichael’s lawyer, Laura Hogue, argued that these jury panelists were reduced for other reasons, that is, because they expressed a strong opinion about the case when asked individually by the lawyer.

“I can give you a reason for any of these race neutralities,” Hogue said.

She said one such jury wrote in the jury’s questionnaire that Arbury was shot “for his color” and told the lawyer that the accused felt guilty.

“The court has determined that there seems to be intentional discrimination in the panel,” Wolmsley said, but denied the prosecutor’s request to revive these eight black jury candidates.

The judge said his ability to change the jury’s racial composition was limited because the defense lawyer was able to give non-racial reasons for the decision to attack a potential black jury. Stated.

“They were able to explain to the court why those individuals were struck from the panel other than race,” Wolmsley said.

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Arbury’s mother, Wanda Cooper Jones, told reporters outside the court when she realized that having only one black jury was “catastrophic.” Still, she said of the last jury, “after seeing all the evidence, I’m sure they will make the right decision.”
Her lawyer, S. Lee Merritt, believes that the defense lawyer “created a jury in favor of the defendant, almost entirely white,” but still believes the trial will end with a conviction. Stated.

Dunikoski said that while many jury candidates questioned in the open court expressed strong opinion on the case, everyone remaining in the pool where the 12 juries appeared was impartial and based solely on the evidence of the trial. He said he could make a verdict.

Blacks make up nearly 27% of the 85,000 population in Glynn County, where Arbury was killed and tried, according to the US Census Bureau. The judge said that 25% of the pools for which the final jury was selected were black.

Defense lawyers say McMichael’s and Brian have not committed a crime. They say Arbury was being recorded by a security camera in a nearby house and suspected he had stolen it. Greg McMichael told police that his son fired for self-defense after Arberry attacked with his fist and worked on Travis McMichael’s shotgun.

Investigators said Arbury was unarmed and there was no evidence that he had stolen anything.

In Glynn County, about 70 miles (110 km) south of Savannah, killings dominated news coverage and social media feeds. Therefore, court officials took extraordinary steps in the hope of having a fair jury.

They mailed 1,000 jury obligation notices, and nearly 200 were questioned by court judges and lawyers during the jury selection process.

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Ahmaud Arbery trial: 1 Black juror, 11 whites decided verdict in death of 25-year-old man Source link Ahmaud Arbery trial: 1 Black juror, 11 whites decided verdict in death of 25-year-old man

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