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Savannah, Georgia (AP) —A Georgia judge provides evidence of the past problems of a black man who was killed when a male lawyer charged with murdering Amad Arbury was tried for murder. It states that it does not allow it to be used.

Judge Timothy Walmsley of the High Court stated in writing that the victim’s personality was irrelevant and unacceptable in the murder case.

Father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael and their neighbor William “Rodi” Brian will be tried this fall for the February 2020 murder.

They chased and shot Arbury after seeing him running in the Glynn County coastal neighborhood.

Defense lawyers say Arbury was suspected of being a robber and attempted to arrest a civilian.

They wanted the jury to know about Arbury’s two previous arrests.

June, Cobb County District Lawyer Post to social media Three men were charged with malicious murder, felony murder (4 cases), weighted assault (2 cases), imprisonment, and attempted imprisonment.

In early May, Gregory and Travis McMichael were arrested two days after the filmed encounter was released.

Brian is said to have filmed the encounter between Arbury and McMichael’s.

The three men have been acquitted and have been put in jail without being detained.

Ahmaud Arbery’s past troubles irrelevant to trial Source link Ahmaud Arbery’s past troubles irrelevant to trial

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