Aiden Leos shooting: News conference expected Monday after suspects arrested in freeway killing of 6-year-old Orange County boy – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-06-07 12:47:20 –

Orange, Calif .– Authorities hold a press conference on Monday following the announcement that two suspects were arrested in the death of six-year-old Aiden Leo of Orange County, who died in a highway shooting last month. It’s a schedule.

The suspects have been identified as Markus Anthony Ellis, 24, and Win Lee, 23.

According to the California Highway Patrol, a two-week or more search for a man is expected to arrest Ellis and Lee at their home in Costa Mesa on Sunday and be charged with murder. Detained on a dollar bailout.

Aiden was killed on May 21 when his mother was driving him to kindergarten. The boy was sitting in a booster seat on the right rear passenger seat, but between 7:55 am and 8:15 am, another vehicle fired on highway 55 between highway 22 and Chapman Avenue. did.

Aiden Leos Incident: Arrested Suspected Highway Killing A 6-year-old Boy in Orange County

Leo was taken to a children’s hospital in Orange County for an emergency and was confirmed dead.

Authorities have released few details about the circumstances that led to the arrest of the suspect. However, they previously stated that men and women were driving white Volkswagen, and it is believed that male passengers fired and killed Aiden.

A press conference will be held on Monday afternoon.

“I’m very confident that I’m detaining the right individuals,” said Todd Spitzer, District Attorney for Orange County. “The public should be very proud of what law enforcement has done, and this little We should be very proud of the masses’ united efforts to bring justice to the boy. Aiden Leos died at the age of six. He was waiting for his life. Parents were his parents. I should have planned for kindergarten and elementary school education.

Leo will be buried in a private ceremony on Monday.

“These arrests do not relieve the pain of mother’s loss, but my hope is that the Leos family will have some relief and that CHP will work with the Orange County District Attorney to bring justice to Aiden.” Said CHP Commissioner Amanda Ray in a statement released on Sunday.

CHP used to Photo of suspicious vehicle, White 2018 or 2019 Volkswagen Golf Sportswagen with colorless windows and a sunroof. Authorities believe that a woman was driving a car and a male passenger who fired a gun was sitting in the front seat.

CHP unveils images of a car involved in Aiden Leo’s deadly road rage shooting at OC

Community groups and local government agencies Reward fund that has grown to at least $ 500,000 To find the suspect.

It resonates to the heart Memorial service It was held for Aiden on Saturday afternoon.

The Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda service was not open to the public, but was livestreamed for online viewing.

“This is a monument, not a funeral,” said Rev. Joshua Holiday. “A funeral is a ritual, performed in connection with a burial or cremation, meaning the death of someone and the end of their existence. A memorial service is a ritual to remember someone’s life. The focus is different. “

“I’m here to celebrate Aiden’s life,” he added.

“Mom, my stomach hurts”: Aiden Leo’s sister talks about her brother’s death

The boy’s mother, Joanna Krunan, praised her son with emotional compliments. She began to thank her for the plethora of support from her loved ones and strangers.

“Your kindness, prayer, support, and incredible generosity have given me great power. Today I stand in front of you on two legs and who Aiden is Was it, and can we share the beauty that it still does? “Krunan said.

“The joy he brought to our lives was insurmountable,” she said. “Every time he laughed, my heart melted.”

Instead of flowers, the family asked supporters to find two GoFundMe pages and make donations to support their families. Here And here.

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Aiden Leos shooting: News conference expected Monday after suspects arrested in freeway killing of 6-year-old Orange County boy Source link Aiden Leos shooting: News conference expected Monday after suspects arrested in freeway killing of 6-year-old Orange County boy

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