Aimee Melton vs. Sara Kohen – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-05-05 19:55:49 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) —This is the closest primary and is expected to be tight again in next week’s general election.

Omaha City Council member Aimee Melton is defending his seat against Sara Kohen in District 7 of northwestern Omaha.

Sarah Cohen said the decision to run came last year.

“This summer (I saw) our city was slow to respond to pandemics,” Cohen said.

Cohen, a lawyer and current school administrator, believed that councilor Amy Melton was unable to keep the community safe during the pandemic and voted against some Maskman date extensions. It was.

“This is what public health professionals have been telling us before, at which point we kept people safe, restricted their spread, sent their children to school, and opened their businesses. He said he needed to leave it, “cohen said.

Melton voted for the first Maskman date in August and the last extension of this past winter.

“So it really helped get the kids to school, keep them safe and keep the teachers safe. So what we did was work on some corrections, negotiate and We were able to work together and get together about it, “Melton said. ..

She voted against the extension because she didn’t think it was the government’s role to force residents to wear masks.

“In principle, I think Mask’s obligations are overkill for the government,” Melton said.

Aside from the mask, Melton says Omaha has made a lot of progress.

She points out her council experience and her strong relationship with Mayor Stozart to ensure a street that Omaha residents can drive.

“I just can’t do that. I go to the mayor and ask her to do it. There are many more. But I really established those relationships and with public works I think we’ll work together to identify the most needed roads and prioritize them, which is really important, “Melton said.

Cohen states that the city needs to have the right staff and the right materials for public works, taking a slightly different approach to the restoration and expansion of the streets.

“We really want to see how we are doing things, make sure we are doing them the best possible way, and make sure we are working smarter. We need to, “said Cohen.

District voters have proven to be fairly modest, as evidenced in the last few elections.

Both Republican Melton and Democrat Cohen say they can appeal to them.

“People are really fed up with the divisions we’ve seen and are looking for someone to listen to people from different perspectives and backgrounds and focus on the facts,” Cohen said.

“I’m very friendly and I like working with people,” Melton said. “I think the citizens know what they are getting with me.”

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