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Air Force’s Gobrecht clarifies COVID-19 cancelation tweets – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2022-01-07 01:39:35 –

USAFA — The coronavirus continues to exist in our daily lives, including in the world of sports.

The latest COVID-19 variant, Omicron, spread like a wildfire during the holiday season and made sporting events enthusiastic.

Multiple games in multiple sports. Canceled or postponed due to COVID-19.

These cancellations have led to frustration from players, coaches and fans, including Air Force women’s basketball head coach Chris Gobrecht.

Gobrecht sent two tweets on December 29th to express her frustration.

“I can’t help but think about how ridiculous this is when I see all games being canceled in all sports because of COVID concerns,” Gobrecht said in a tweet. Concerns related to COVID; especially in the current state. Still, here we are … ruining the dreams and fun of thousands of athletes across the United States … and why? My daughter is a nurse-I respect the virus. But we are not following science here … “

During her weekly press conference in this media, a veteran head coach expanded her tweet.

“I think everyone is frustrated,” Gobrecht explained. “Navigating is really weird, weird and difficult because of all the uncertainties and everything we don’t know. Involved in trying to keep the business as usual in this environment. It’s the biggest frustration for a person. I think goalposts are constantly moving and I think the arbitrariness of the approach is the most difficult, and because there are so many athletes affected by purchasing some of these policies. I really care. Understand if we are doing the right thing. “

“I think we really need to determine what it takes for the game to be canceled,” Gobrecht added. “And if everyone is vaccinated or boosted, play around. Everything we’ve seen proves, so if you’re vaccinated or boosted, even if you catch it, it’s It will be very calm, and that’s all it says and it’s my only thing. “

The Air Force saw the first postponement of the year on Thursday when the Falcons home game against Nevada was put on hold due to a Wolfpack COVID-19 issue.

“I know that because it’s very difficult to know what the person says and what’s right, but I think I’m particularly sensitive to it because the players have limited time to do this. . “

The Falcons’ next upcoming game is set for January 13th in Colorado.

Air Force’s Gobrecht clarifies COVID-19 cancelation tweets Source link Air Force’s Gobrecht clarifies COVID-19 cancelation tweets

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