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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — If you plan to rent Airbnb on Memorial Day or the weekend of July 4, you may be refused. Airbnb is cracking down on parties not allowed by the property. Sam Randall of Airbnb states that he continues to implement strict guidelines to limit the problem.

“We have blocked one night bookings across the United States. This is how Airbnb works. It’s a double-blind system where hosts and guests review each other. Until the host and guest complete each other’s reviews. Reviews will not be published on the site, “Randall said.

Some of the biggest ways to be rejected are to book a one night stay and get bad reviews as a guest. They are also redirecting a two night booking for visitors who do not have a positive review.

“In last year’s Tucson, more than 300 people were blocked in this initiative, and more than 300 people couldn’t book the entire Tucson home. We’re expanding the initiative to include Memorial Day, which is currently in effect,” Randall said. Says.

In addition to the police, you can also call your local support hotline if you need to report an ongoing problem or situation.

“If your Airbnb neighbor thinks you have an ongoing party or has a noise complaint or problem. Visit Airbnb.com/ neighbor and you’ll be taken to a hotline in your neighborhood,” Randall said. Says.

The global party ban began in 2021, and the company says the number of police calls due to turmoil in the property has dropped dramatically. Last July, more than 126,000 visitors were affected worldwide without positive reviews.

We know that not everyone has a party with a one-night reservation, but this is a trade-off that can be made right now for the trust and security of the community, “Randall said.


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